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Info about +R DL from mediachance


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Recently I've read info from mediachance.com:



+R DL is already pre-formatted as OTP where each layer must have the same amount of data. A DVD+R DL was not created for any extensive using of custom Layer Break and it is expected that the data will be equally divided (the layer break will be in the middle of disc).


It is possible to also set a custom LB for DVD+R DL, but this require that a writing application must:

* Honor the set Layer Break (not all recording application do)

* Reallocate sectors so the LB meet the DVD specification criteria

* Make the both DL layers equal by writing padding data.


What the hell ?

Is a lot of my +R DL, burned with not 50/50-layers, incorrect ?



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The last one is wrong. The MMC specs say a 50/50 split preferred because it is the most compatible with readers, it's not vital by any means.


You'll probably find the drive performs the padding required to make the data burnt to each layer roughly equal. That's why the sync cache / close track / disc commands take a while sometimes.


Of course the simple thing to do is just pick a layer break point that's close to 50/50!

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