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DL ImgBurn - No Online Help, No support?


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I downloaded Img burn and one problem there is no clear online help that i have found. maybe i missed it.


first off when you use the "build" function on Img burn does the build feature support VOB file format? I did a search on this and no support on the forum. if Vob is supported then how do i combine the vob, ifo, stream info's into a ISO file to be burned to DVD format?


i tried to do this but img burn only converts the vob file only not the ifo or stream info. so the iso file is imcomplete. the image need to have all 3 files together (vob, ifo, stream) to create a complete ISO image. i even tried to pick the ifo file and tried to build it and "img burn" converted that file in only 3 seconds because ifo files are only 3k in size. now i know this process did not include the massive 3 gig vob file.


for example, i have used "convert x to DVD" program and this does convert Vob to dvd format with no problem, it just take very long, as well as this program also supports "mpeg4" - "divx" and so on. and again instantly converts to DVD.


but when i used "img burn" the dvd was screwed up due to lack of complete files.


does the "build" function support other file formats such as "Divx avi" or "mpeg4"?

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I use ConvertXtoDVD to create my DVD files from avi or other formats and then manually burn with Imgburn in build mode. Never faced any problems with file compliance via this method. Alternatly you can use DVD Flick in the same manner as ConvertXtoDVD, but it will create the ISO for you and then simply put the ISO into Imgburn in "write" mode. viola!


But of course check out the guides, they will prove to be more than helpful.

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back to basics


an ISO is just a handy container for almost all image files


to be DVD compliant the files within the ISO have to be VOBS,IFOs,BUPS ect ect


Imgburn will build you a dvd and burn it if you only have the VOBS,IFOs,BUPS files ( or just create an ISO of it onto your hdd for you if you choose)


in WRITE mode it will burn any ISO's you have on your hard drive to a disc


BUILD mode eliminates the need of having to create an ISO to your HDD before you can burn it to disc


Build mode will either create a dvd compliant disc ( providing all the required files are there to start with, OR it will create a DATA disc of any kind of files you want or have , but if they aint DVD structure compliant to start with, ImgBurn wont convert them.


If yoiur struggling timewise with convertxtodvd try something else, personally i find it the fastest encoder there is . i also use ImgBurn to burn the disc in BUILD like LOCOENG does.


I have to agree with you, the GUIDES section in the online support is not very good . it didnt even tell me how to switch my computer on before i chose one of the ELEVEN !!! guides to use :rolleyes:


go read this page GUIDES PAGE ----- CLICK HERE and all will be revealed


PS. dont forget to switch your PC on first , as the guides dont tell you that bit :wink:

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