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Verify and DVDInfoPro Tests


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Curious to know if running the PI/PO and CRC DVDInfoPro tests have significance if the burned DVD passes the ImgBurn verify test. I'm not any expert on PI and PO tests, however, it appears the these tests do yield additional info even if all the DVD sectors do verify, I just don't know what the significance may be. Also is the DVDInfoPro CRC test is just the simple read test that ImgBurn used to do? And, most importantly, are any of these tests relevant to the actual success of playing a burned DVD video on your DVD player?


Reason I'm asking is that I burned a DVD video ISO, it didn't verify (sector error), so I ran the DVDInfoPro PI/PO and CRC tests to see what would result. The CRC test came up all green on the graph. The PI/PO test graph was really strange on the PI part - red and yellow in addition to green (never saw that before!), and the quality rating was 49%. I figured this DVD must be a coaster, but since I hadn't seen this video title, I decided to throw it in my DVD player and see what happened. Well you can see where I'm going - it played perfectly, and I had my eyes glued to the tube to look for any artifacts, stop motion, audio/video out of sync, anything at all abnormal, and I couldn't find anything.


edit - Forgot to mention, the media was YUDEN 000-T02-00, the burner was LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-812S with FW USOS burning at 4X. Should have saved the DVDInfoPro graphs - guess I could reconstruct them if necessary.

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What drive have you got grampaw ? I have a NEC ND4550 that I have been using to do PI/PO tests, mostly its ok but it does tend to over report the PIE errors. Apparently this is known with this drive, I took some advice from Chewy and felt a bit better about my results after that.


Generally any red is not good from a scan, but as I am sure you know standalone players are set up to cope with a lot of errors so that unless you had lots of really really bad red sections you probably wouldn't notice it.


Below is one of my graphs using TYG02 media, as you can see that PIE errors are much more noticeable than the PIF's...




Given the 96% quality rating tho I am not unduly worried :D

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Attached are a couple of PI/PO scans of the burned DVD video referenced above. They all follow the same general pattern with quality ratings of 59%, 39%, and 27% as I kept repeating the scans.


I haven't tried playing the DVD on the computer - I always play DVD videos on a DVD Player.





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and some say my scanner under reports errors!

here's an 18 month old burn, probably a plex 708, maybe a

712?, the disk in question was in good shape visually, still

plays in my computer, the data has been transfered to verbatim



"PI/PIF scans lock the drive at a set read speed, and do not allow the drive it's full range of error correction tricks. Other tests allow the drive to slow and re-read sectors to correct. Lower your PI/PIF scan speeds and you will see that the scans are much better, which illustrates this difference. So in short, the disc is not readable at 8x, but it may be at 1x."


rdgrimes retired moderator cdfreaks


data recovery in LG 4163B

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So thats why you asked me to up my scan speed chewy to 8x the other day :albert:


I am going to look out for a recognised scanner like the BenQ cos the results on the NEC do not seem to be consistent....


you can never have too many burners or computers to put them in

and it's not fair that the benq 1650 is coming to europe before america

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Is it the 1650 or the 1655 ? Now I think I have been looking for the wrong drive !!! :wacko: Knowing me thats more than likely :lol:


1655 = 1650 + lightscribe



No other differences than lightscribe then ? Mmm well I wouldn't be that bothered about that anyway as I use printables on my Epson R200........


Maybe I ought to look again tonight....

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I ran a few more scans with that same Pioneer DVR 108 Writer using other burned DVD video disks that I recently viewed and remember how played. I only use backups in players, never the master, my procedure for audio CDs during past ten years or so. Anyway, almost all of these scanned DVDs looked perfectly normal at the ~4X scan speed. Quality ratings were between 90% to 97% with most around 95%. Now I do remember a few of these had maybe one or two minor pixellation artifacts and/or minor stop action or stuttering motion defects. However, none of these defects are really significant, or detract from viewing DVD, but still do indicate the backup is not perfect. I suppose I could go back and compare the original to the backup, and I don't want to get that involved. I'm ready to just drop the issue.


My conclusions are:


1. The particular backup disk referenced in my original post is some anomaly - something's going on, and who cares if it plays okay in my entertainment system.


2. DVDInfoPro yeilds a lot of useful information and is really a good tool. And the PI/PO test results may or may not be indicative of that scanned disk's playability in a particular DVD standalone player, DVD-ROM, or DVD writer - best to just play the disk and see.

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