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Coming back on topic for a minute. Ran my usual Spybot scan (it's resident module is normally running all the time) and came up with a few cookies. Then ran ewido which discovered a inf registry entry for Comet Cursor (but no actual files etc) and more cookies.


While it does appear to dig a little deeper than Spybot, I tend to think it's risk ratings are overdoing it a bit however.


It flagged the Comet Cursor inf entry as High Risk - however on it's own it's far from that.


The cookies it rated as Medium Risk - come on ewido, it's a tracking cookie, a text file, just like the one ewido placed on my computer when I visited their website. If cookies get a Medium Risk I wonder if anything actually receives a Low Risk rating by the program :unsure:


Will see how it goes over next couple of weeks.

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way over my head, i have heard of making the cookie folder read only?



I had never heard of doing that. If it's over your head then there's no way i'm going to have a clue with it!!! :blink:


Oi Scouser! I dont turn tricks for anybody!! Not with my piles thats for sure!!! :o:'(

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@zac - I have thought before that a lot of these progs seem to use different definitions so that they catch the "threats" that others have supposedly missed.


That said I did use it as an excuse to delete the cookies that were showing.


@jack - Sorry to hear that the old "chalfonts" (Chalfont St Giles - Giles rhymes with Piles) are still giving you problems, I know you said before they were so big that the sailors were calling them "speed bumps" =))

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