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I don't prevent it in the first place as far as I know.


Either the commands are accepted or they aren't.


I'm not sure how to pass commands or in what form they should be, to Image Burn to enable Overburning. I did do a search in the forums on Overburning, but could find no mention.


I apologize if I am uninformed. In other programs, it is a check box. I did not see it here, that is why I asked.


If you would be so kind as to tell me how I might go about enabling it, I would appreciate it.





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Sorry, I meant the commands I send to the drive.


As mmalves said, if it looks like you're trying to burn more than the disc can hold you'll be prompted with a message saying it probably won't fit.


It's then down to you to attempt it or not.


There's nothing you actually need to enable/disable....the ability is just always there.

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