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Mount ISO?


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Hey up!


Just going to toss this one in there since, since the release of the new ImgBurn where everyone's prayers and hope were answered, I'm sure LUK has nothing to do! :whistling:


Now, I promise I have searched the forums, albeit very very briefly, and cannot find any reference to this. I apologise if its been mentioned before.


Since you obviously have an unrivalled understanding of iso images, Windows and DVD/CD drives, what about a Mount ISO option.


On a purely selfish note this would mean that I can pretty much get rid of every other piece of ISO related software I use. I can only remember one other time when I've had to actually edit an ISO, and even that was a drink fuelled evening where if I'd been thinking logically it probably wouldn't have been necessary. But mounting ISO's I do do a lot of the time.


I honestly have no idea if this entails a shed load of work. If it does and it's something you're not interested in doing then I again apologise.


Was just a thought!


Top banana on the new imgburn though. It's fantastic.



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Yes thanks for that. DT has in the past completey (when I say completely I mean totally an utterly rendered my OS unbootable (I've lost photos and all number of documents) and totalled 2 installs of XP so I wont touch it with a barge pole!) I'm not saying that its a bad proggy, just that it doesn't play nice with the other stuff I have installed on here.


I currently use the free microsoft iso mounter. It's fiddly but does the job.


I'm lazy! If I could right click and 'Mount with IMGBURN' I'd be a happy camper! (used to use MagicISO plus the iso mount add on years ago)


I said this post was a selfish one after all! :rolleyes:


And its only a suggestion! If no one else feels the desire then I'll go on the way I do ;)

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The Microsoft one don't work in Vista. There is another free one here.




Thanks Cynthia for this.


I've downloaded and installed it. Seems to work a treat!


You wouldn't know of one that supports uif images would you? (I know that you're not here to recommend software, but this one is a bit of an issue at the mo!!)


Chetwood - nope, neither do I. Spider solitaire is about as gamey as it gets here. I realise that one of the main attractions is that ImgBurn isn't bloatware, but this is the 'suggestions' forum, so I made a suggestion. I hope that nowhere in my post did I infer that ImgBurn was a less than superior program for not having this feature. If I did then please accept my apologies.


Balders :teehee:

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Cynthia, you must think I'm such a shit!


I'm sure I posted my thanks for your reply. It looks like it never came through!


I installed the magic disk software and it works a treat (would be much nicer if it was an ImgBurn thing though!!!!).


Thank you for the info though, it was much appreciated.



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