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Missing Sector?


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This is my first post, and I must say I'm very impressed with ImgBurn. It is MUCH more stable than CDBurnerXP on my Toshiba laptop running Vista SP 1 x64. I've encountered one odd behavior that I think may be a bug. I'm burning a linux system rescue CD ISO file, and the disc appears to be one sector too small. When I could get CDBurnerXP to burn the file, the disc was the correct size.


In summary, when I burn the disc, then read the image back into an ISO file, the new ISO is 2048 bytes smaller than the original. If I burn the new ISO and read it back, it is the same size as the second ISO, or 2KB smaller than the original. I'm not sure if there is something odd about the original ISO, but CDBurnerXP didn't exhibit this behavior. Here's the log file:

ed disc:


; Start burn with verify


I 11:00:13 Operation Started!

I 11:00:13 Source File: E:\Gene\Downloads\Utilities\systemrescuecd-x86-1.0.0.iso

I 11:00:13 Source File Sectors: 91,500 (MODE1/2048)

I 11:00:13 Source File Size: 187,392,000 bytes

I 11:00:13 Source File Volume Identifier: sysrcd-1.0.0

I 11:00:13 Source File Application Identifier: GENISOIMAGE ISO 9660/HFS FILESYSTEM CREATOR

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Ah yes, this is what happens when you burn to discs that have no concept of tracks or the amount of data burnt to them. (That's what DVD+RW are like)


You have to rely on info from the file system - which may or may not be accurate. :(


Anyway, the problem here is that I've obviously not tested this fallback method enough with discs not using UDF files systems (UDF discs are ok) and it turns out that I'm subtracting 1 from the size (to get the last sector number rather than the actual size) twice. My bad!


It's fixed now, thanks.

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