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Possible BUILD mode bug - Root contains source folder


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I may have stumbled upon a bug.


I am trying to update a bootable CD. I have extracted the boot image into CourseBT.IMA. I have copied the entire regular contents of the CD into F:\CourseUP.CD. I have made changes to the files and directory structure within CourseUP.CD. To make things easier for the future, I have also copied CourseBT.IMA within a subdirectory in CourseUP.CD.


When I build using ImgBurn 2.4, I add F:\CourseUP.CD (using add folder) as the only source location. With the "Don't Prompt Root Content" setting checked either ON or OFF (have done about 6 test burns), I end up with a CD that has CourseUP.CD as the only entry in the burned CD's root directory (and of course, booting fails, as autoexec.bat from the boot image can't find the continuation file on the regular part of the CD). Note that the boot image for this creation is set to F:\CourseUP.CD\Sources\CourseBT.IMA.


Of course, when "Don't Prompt Root Content" is set for Disabled, I should get a pop-up asking Yes / No whether to proceed with F:\CourseUP.CD\ representing the root directory for the image content (my answer would be yes). But, this window does not appear.


Since ImgBurn reads/writes settings to the registry, I don't have the luxury to identify the instantaneous value when using ImgBurn. Perhaps the wrong value is being stored /read, or accidentally being ignored or not properly updated... I do seem to remember it working in 2.3.?.? Could building a bootable CD with a doubly referenced boot image file be causing a hiccup?


Now of course, if I use SUBST Z: F:\CourseUP.CD, and add Z:\ as the source location, ImgBurn works fine, and the result is as expected. That's what I'm doing right now.


Suggestion: Add a copy of the "The ImgBurn Settings" as part of the distribution package, if necessary, in text form only - that will solve a lot of quick queries when not attached to the Internet.


Suggestion: Add a more comprehensive Build feature (i.e. be able to create an actual virtual directory structure first). I realize that this would be a lot of work, and is something for the future...


Kudos: The Optimization feature is EXTREMELY welcomed. Repeat EXTREEEEEMELY welcomed.


Thanks in advance for looking into this.

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You must have 'Preserve Full Pathnames' checked.


Merci Beaucoup! You ARE the authority.


As I mentioned above, having some sort of help file with the distribution would really help all the users. The interactions between the various settings can be difficult to grasp...

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