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Bootable Disk Issues


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First things first, nice program. :innocent:


Now to the good stuff... bootable CDs.


Ive had to modify a minipe cd to include newer network card drivers. Last time I did this, I followed the tutorial at http://apcmag.com/how_to_create_a_bootable_xp_sp3_cd.htm and all worked well.


BUT... if I try to do the same tutorial with imgburn, it doesnt work. I either get boot errors or I get a flashing cursor on a black screen.







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Hi and welcome to the forum, Ado! :)


You should ensure that these settings are changed/enabled in the Build modes settings.




Also that this is added (from your guide).

Click the “Image file” radio button and Browse for the image1.bin file which BBIE extracted. Then under Advanced, tick “Enable expert settings”. Change “Kind of emulation” to “No emulation. Make sure that “Load segment of sectors” is set to “07C0” and change “Number of loaded sectors” to 4.


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i am trying to make a bootable DVD from the ubunutu img file


i loaded the img file but can't for teh life of me see where to set the boot options as shown above ?


how to get to the screen above from here ??



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