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Bin & Iso Files


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If i open a particular *.BIN file with imgburn (Its an image to create a ps2 firmware boot disk), ImgBurn tells me that it is


Sectors: 16129 Mode 2 / Form 1 / 2352


Which according to the help file with the firmware is correct (they use nero in there example)


However if i use Magic ISO to convert the BIN to an ISO and then use ImgBurn to open it i get


Sectors: 16129 Mode 1 / 2048


My Question is will there be any difference to the Burnt disk using the ISO against the BIN ? Or have i converted it wrongly ?

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Data wise, there shouldn't be, no.


The table of contents will probably be different because one would have burnt mode 1 sectors, the other would burn mode 2 sectors.


You should just burn the bin file.


The only time(s) you cant burn bin+cue with ImgBurn is when the CUE mentions audio/mp3 (i.e. you're burning an audio disc), or when it contains multiple sessions/tracks.



When you're converting that file, you're stripping off the header sequence, the EDC and ECC regions. They're what make up the 2048 -> 2352 bytes per sector difference. It's a pretty pointless exercise to be honest!

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:huh: PS2 Firmware disc ??



If the PS2 has been Mod Chipped (matrix, DMS4, Ghost2, Crystal)


Then you sometimes need a firmware disk to boot the firmware onto the ModChip before it will work properly


Then you can play Backups and do lots lots more.................

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Ah thanks - I have a Messiah 2 chip in my old PS2 and have never had to do any of that.....


It probably came pre-flashed or was flashed by the installer,


The messiah 2 is no longer made or supported i believe ?


The Ghost 2 is run by the old messiah team, you'll find with backups of the newer PS2 games (ie Rugby League 2) that your messiah wont run backups. There is even reports of the newest games having mod chip detection and they wont run on a chipped ps2 even if the chip is turned off!!! To date the only chip that has anti anti mod chip protection and will run these new games is the ghost2.

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