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A Top 11 List

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11. It has blinking lights on it (that's actual lights, not LEDs).

10. The default spell check dictionary is Olde English.

9. The noise insulation is asbestos.

8. It's too slow for the latest version of Nethack.

7. The memory is hand soldered onto the motherboard.

6. Eighty-column lines of text wrap to three lines.

5. Not even your parents want it.

4. The Smithsonian keeps calling to see if you'll donate it.

3. Green or amber are your only choices in monitors.

2. The CPU speed is measured in fractions of MHz.

1. It's made by Commodore Business Machines.

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:lol: I still don't miss typing in code for 8 hours creating a game that sucked ass, then saving it onto a cassette! which took 8 minutes to save and or load, then when you go back the next day to try the game once more thinking it can't be all that bad after that much time put into it, only to find it harsed up and didn't save. Fuck that.
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I remember others here talking about their ancient systems. One that ran on wombat power: a wombat running in a hamster wheel. It was also the first water cooled system. ;) Then there was the amazing one that ran on ethanol and various other corned based fuels.

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