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Doubs abouts ImgBurn license and another freeware software


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Hi! First, sorry for my bad english >_<


Some time ago, there was a project called "Todo en Uno". This CD included a lot of software, some of them ilegal (Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop...).


I would like to do a similar project. First, I thought to include only free software (software libre, GNU...), but I need another essential software that is not free(libre), but it's freeware (like Adobe Flash Player, ImgBurn :thumbup:).


I will want to upload the CD in Internet, for everybody who can be interested. I don't want to earn money.


The first question is:

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The problem with bundling tools is that they get updated and make the compilation look old.


Personally I'd prefer it if people always used the latest version and just downloaded it from the official website.


Yes, but it's oriented to PC's without Internet connection, or PC's freshly formatted without Internet :)

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