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tray movement


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i couldnt test this on 242 because i finished burning the dvds on 241 before updating .. so its gonna be several days before i get another chance to test


so i gotta ask ... when you burn files to disk and also verify .. between burning and verifying the tray pops out and then back in .. and its kinda annoying .. is there an option to disable this behaviour ?


i didnt change anything in Settins -> Device


i case you need to know .. the only custom settings i use are .. everything off in Settings -> Registy .. and then when i burn files .. Options -> ISO + Jol + UDF 260 ... Advanced -> Restrictions -> ISO + Jol both on Level X ... nothing else selected


any off that influence it ? ..


i dont remember exactly (yes, i could be wrong), but it think its been like this since i installed my first older version several months ago

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The tray is cycled to ensure the drive can properly recognize the disc after burning it (it's another step to make a proper verification), but anyway, to disable this tray cycling, untick 'Cycle Tray Before Verify' in Tools -> Settings -> Write tab, or simply disable the Verify option alltogether, since you don't seem to care about it :)

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