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Why can't I run both ImgBurn and WMP?

Merced Prescott

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WMPでは、クロスフェード、SRS WOWエフェクト、グラフィックイコライザの機能をもっていて、そのすべての機能を使いながら音楽を再生したいのです。

デバイスは、PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-110 です。

ImgBurnと相性がよく、クロスフェード、SRS WOWエフェクト、グラフィックイコライザのすべての機能をもつプレイヤの回答でも十分です。



detail(English Translation of mine):

While listening mp3s with WMP11, I burned iso file into DVD.


However, isoburn told me to close wmp, and click '再試行(meaning:retry)'


Personally, I want to run both.


WMP has lots of fanctions, that is cross-fade, SRS, WOW effect, graphic equalizer and I hope to listen with all function used.

Device is PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-110.


Why can't I run both ImgBurn and WMP?

Do I need any config to run both?


Sorry for poor English.

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Media Player opens a 'handle' (has a connection to) all the optical drives in a machine even if it's not actually using them.


When ImgBurn goes to burn something, it tries to gain exclusive usage of the drive (so no other program can mess up the write operation) and it fails because WMP is using the drive.


So basically, you can only gain exclusive access on a drive if nothing else is using it.

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Actually I have found a workaround for this problem for WMP9: right click on the playlist dropdown menu and untick CD Drives. After that WMP no longer creates a handle for the drives and ImgBurn can do its thing. :) Here's a shot just in case:


I installed WMP10 and WMP11 on a virtual PC (since on my real PC I use WMP9) to check if this would work for those versions as well but no luck.

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