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CRC errors on Ritek DL burned from ISO with IMGBurn?


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I create the ISO image using PGCEdit, setting the LBP at cell 14 (instream location - not ideal, but best we could do). PGCEdit then invoked IMGBurn and created a successful burn on Ritek DL +R medium (drive is Pioneer, flashed with latest updates). Verified the disk both within IMGBurn and using DVDInfo. Slight pause on LB during playback, but acceptable. Sounds good, right? So I thought I'd try it again, this time doing it from the ISO file directly into IMGBurn. Read somewhere on the forums to ensure that the "Optimize LB" flag should be enabled, so I enabled it. Pointed the source to the ISO file previously created by PGCEdit, and started the burn. Burned successfully, but failed on verify (crc errors around the LBP). Tried it again; now have 2 coasters. What am I doing wrong here?


Went back to PGCEdit, created another ISO doing exactly what I did previously. Generated a new ISO file, same cell for LBP, had PGCEdit invoke ISOBurn, burned successfully, but ....(drum roll)... failed verify. Double-checked it with DVDInfo, and it indicated crc errors at the LBP.


Thought I'd see what happens on playback. Put the RI coaster in, and 2 out of 3 (one from the ISO source, one from the 2nd PGCEdit burn) played back on a Pioneer DVD Pro-Scan player (DVD-434).

Took another of the blank RI media out of the same spindle and scanned it using DVDInfo. Seems fine, so I'm guessing it is not the media.


There's a flag - "Reset offset" in IMGBurn. What does this do? Just a wild guess, but should I be resetting this flag when loading from an ISO image before burning? Is it possible that the offset from the PGCEdit script carried over from one burn to the next, so loading the ISO image a second time shifted the image by the offset amount again?


Could use some guidance from the great one.... :innocent:

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CRC errors are drive/media/firmware issues. From a software point of view, I can't force a CRC error in the burn any more than I can stop it.


As everybody in the world will tell you (including the 2 people who replied earlier!), Ritek DL media is pretty awful. Verbatims are the way to go.


I have no idea what you're talking about when you say 'reset offset flag'. Where are you seeing / reading about such a thing?!

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