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A Wierd Problem Here


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I've recently encountered a strange problem with my DVD Burner (Pioneer DVR-212BK) which NEVER happened before. I'm sure that it's not a problem with imgburn cause I've been burning DVD's (more than 600 dvd's) using imgburn with this Burner before without a single problem and always PERFECT burns. God Bless You for making such a good software (imgburn) Sir... smile.gif


The problem started a few days ago when the burner would just STOP working while reading or verifying with imgburn. It will complete the burn PERFECTLY but when it's in the verifying process the Burner would just Turn Off/Lock's Up after 25% or some times 92% of verifying process and I cant even eject the disc and had to FORCE REBOOT the PC to release the Burner so that I can eject it. I verified the burned disc with my other Burner (which is an LG) and it was OK no problems.


So, it seems that the problem intermittently occurs just while Reading or Verifying the discs. I really have NO CLUES at all why this is so as everything used to be just fine until a few days ago.


Can any one please kindly shed some light on this please as I'm really running out of Ideas now.

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How about you post a log file from one of these burns where the verify fails ?, it would help us to help you :thumbup:


I'll do that Buddy just as soon as the same error occurs... Since yesterday I've burned 10 DVD+R DL's with no problems at all. As I've said before that this problem only happens intermittently... :)


Once the problem happens I'll cut and paste the Log File here... :)

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The problem is GONE and for the past one week it never returned. I think it was something to do with the SATA Cables, I plugged out the cables and cleaned it up (and the contacts too) and plugged it in again. Now everything is back to normal again. Good Reliable Imgburn... :) :)


One thing I've been wanting to ask you is when we burn 2 disc using 2 burners at the same time (I've got another new burner a DVR-216BK) at 8x speed the burn process is FINE but the verification process is rather SLOW and sometimes at 2x - 3x verification speed. Besides this even the verification GRAPH looks CHOPPY but when I verify the disc one at a time the GRAPH is just fine as usual. I have 4GB memory in my system, would an increase in the ImgBurn BUFFER to 512mb solve this issue cause currently it's set at 40mb only.


Please kindly give me your thoughts on this matter... :)

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