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Sports goods shop shut down for renting sex dolls


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By Nasouh Nazzal, Staff Reporter



Ras Al Khaimah: A shop selling sports goods was found plying equipment with a twist in recreational possibilities.


A raid by officials from Ras Al Khaimah Economic Department found that the shop was renting sex dolls to its clients, mainly teenagers.


Sources from the department said the shop was immediately shut down. Further investigations are on.


Department inspectors seized a doll from the shop.


The shop owner, during questioning, confessed to the officials that it was "good business".


He said the dolls were rented for a day to clients, selected solely on the basis of recommendation from previous customers.


He said his teenage clients were willing to pay a sizeable amount for the "facility".


The sources said the shop also violated its commercial licence.


Officials from the department also raided several shops in the area and seized illegal impotency drugs and creams. All the shops were issued spot fines ranging from Dh500 to Dh1,000.




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:o Oh my God !! Why did they post up blu's pic ? synnie1.gif

I did a managers? course about 8 years ago for work which was held in office space across the road from The Wickham Hotel. A pub (any pub) within walking distance seemed like a gift. Anyways, a group of us ran to the pub for lunch and were greeted by a person(?) calling itself ?Miss Plastic Fantastic? who would be doing Abba songs or some other shit later that night . Big fooking shock to the system as I?d never seen a gay bay before (and haven?t since BTW). :D Once this individual realised we weren?t ring pirates and were just there for the beer, he/she/it spent an hour cracking off queer jokes one after another.


Funniest f*cker I?ve ever met..... even if he(?) was wearing a flourescent boob tube, fishnet stockings and high heels. Hell of an experience.

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