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Layer Jump Recording Disabled


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Hello together,

i am new here in this forum.


Because of problems with my new burner, (Sony DVD RW DW-Q31A / firmware: LYS4),

I look for solutions and find * IMGBURN *.


My current inquiry, with first use of IMGBurn, a warning of burning occurs:


*Layer Jump Recording Disabled!

*Cannot set the layer break position when burning DVD-R DL media in DAO Mode.

*Do you want to continue


*Yes or NO


What is to be done as well as to heed?


The too burning file is with Nero 6 previously, for ?Image-Recorder (DVD)? been composed. The File-End / characters are .nrg.


Thanks for every help.


Best regards


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This is quite a simple one really... don't buy / use DVD-R DL discs. Get DVD+R DL instead - Verbatim ones are the best.


You can't move the layerbreak on DVD-R DL media and so it makes burning a decent disc very hard.


The 'Layer Jump' recording method (rather than DAO) is supposed provide a workaround but I haven't been able to figure it out properly yet - or at least I can't get it working how I think it should work!

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Thanks for the fast answer.


I have the Verbatin DVD-R DL 4x in use.

I would like a big data-image produced through Nero (name).nrg, on the aforementioned disk burns.


Is this at all possible in the named configuration?


Which parameters are to be put in?




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