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I do not recommend changing the LB thing as it messes it up for everything else.


Let the .DVD/.MDS file take care of forcing a certain LB position.


1x write speed is total rubbish. You can't burn DVD+R DL (or any DVD+ format disc for that matter) at anything less than 2.4x.


Burn at whatever speed your drive produces the best quality burns at. There's no rule saying 2.4x will be the best. Every drive / firmware / media combo will produce different results.

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I forget write some details:

- write speed optimal 2.4x (!),

- LayerBreak position only for all iso 1913760 (!),

- book type only DVD-ROM (!),

- using disc only DVD+R DL (!), (recommend Verbatium).


P.S. Change anything and you result - zero (corrupt disc and lost time).

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