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Video CD

Cube 8

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I created a Video CD with Nero and "burned" it as a .nrg file.

Then I burned it on a "real" CD with ImgBurn

Although the DVD Player identifies it as a VCD, it doesn't want to play it. Also, the CD plays fine on my computer. I tried another CD brand without success.

Then I thought to burn the .nrg file with Nero: Now the VCD plays fine on the DVD Player!


That's the reason I'm posting this bug report here.


I have kept the .nrg file, in case you need it for examination.

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Video CD is a dying format and in my mind, if you're making a 'complex' (multiple session / track) image in Nero then why not burn with it too?


ImgBurn can burn normal single session / track nrg images just fine so I'm sure some people would be annoyed if I simply blocked the program from opening them.

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Well, sometimes I want to test the video quality in PowerDVD before I burn it to a CD. And ImgBurn is proven to be a better burning program than Nero.

I know it's an old format but I have some old movies which last under 1hr 20mins and fit perfectly in a CD. I didn't want to waste a whole DVD just for a 1,5GB video.


In general, though, you are right. I guess I'll start converting these old movies in DVD format and burn them on mini DVDs (8cm).


You should, however, add multisession detection (if possible) and prevent the file from being loaded. If you wish, I can upload the nrg I made to RapidShare for you to analyze it.

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