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Last Physical Sector in Layer 0


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Hi..I'm a new member...(for Lightning UK or who Knows this)


I have an ISO image (created by DVD-Video file on Hard Disk) and I have no MDS file for set Layer Break like in the Original DVD. I must burn this ISO on DVD DL and I must do a 1:1 backup.


I would Know if Last Physical Sector in Layer 0 (of Original DVD) can be inserted in Layer Break Options (User Specified) for set same Layer Break of original DVD.


If no, what is the solution for set same layer break like in the original DVD?..


Thank you...Sorry for my english... :)

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Click Tools -> ISO -> Display IFO Layer Break Information...


Point it to your ISO file and see what it finds.


No, that value cannot (and wouldn't need to be) put in as the layerbreak position.




I have another question..


Why on DVD-R DL it's impossible set Layer Break Position?..Book Type is unchangeable, aslo Layer Break....(so all programm like IMGBurn write all Layer 0 and the rest on Layer 1)...what I do to solve this problem?.............I want not use DVD+R DL...

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That's just the way DVD-R DL was designed. You can't do anything about it.


The DVD- (minus) format doesn't support booktype setting, that's one of the major advantages of DVD+ (plus). Same goes for moving the layerbreak.


You're much better off with DVD+R DL and changing the booktype to DVDROM.

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