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Display IFO Layer Break Information


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Sorry Lightning UK for another post...


I ask you this...


I create an ISO with an old program that you Know..(I delete MDS file for do a test), but in this program there is no option for delete Layer Break so the Layer Break is still present in ISO file (but I am not sure beacuse I think that LB is present in MDS) ..


So if I don't remove LB and Use Display IFO Layer Break Information (using the ISO) I have the same LB position such as original DVD or an optimal position...


Sorry again for disturb.....But it's important...Thank you very much... :)

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Ok...I post here Display IFO Layer Information screenshot (using MDS that after I want delete for do that test) and also I post Display IFO Layer Information screenshot (using ISO)..


Using the old program the LB hasn't been removed, right..(first image is MDS info and second is ISO info)..


Display the same LBA using MDS and ISO..



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Doesn't matter if the MDS is present or not... that window will always only show the IFO layerbreak.


To view the MDS one, load the image as if you were going to burn it and then hover the mouse over the 'sectors' information. A yellow tooltip will appear with the layer data in it.

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Thanks...I already Know that using MDS I have the same Layer Break Position such as Original DVD..


When I burn I always use MDS file (for DVD5 too, also if not necessary)...(naturally I don't delete ISO)


Infact my problem doesn't this...(I delete MDS file because I want insert manually Layer Break of Original DVD, I must do this test for other people too)


When I find LBA ecc. (using Display IFO Layer Break Info)..with IMGBurn, how must use it?

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I don't think you quite understood what I was saying...


You posted 2 screenshots. One where you loaded the MDS file, the other, just the ISO.


What I was trying to say was the loading/not loading the MDS file is irrelevant to the 'Display IFO Layer Break Information...' feature because it does not use the info in the MDS file, it uses the IFO data.


If you want to manually set your own layerbreak, it will not be done through ImgBurn. You authoring program / image building program will do it.


So far is ImgBurn is concerned, it simply displays a list of options already available to you. You select the one you want (often there IS only 1), click ok, and then it burns.

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Now I hope to have understood...It read info in IFO. (I am Italian not English)


Doesn't matter if I load MDS or ISO (because It always read the info in IFO file)


But I want find the Layer Break Position in Original DVD (for example I can Use PGCEdit for this, right).



Thanks for you answer....and remember if sometime I don't quite understand your answer because I am Not English but Italian...(that try to learn the English)...


Thanks again... :D

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It's cool, I realised English wasn't your first language, that's why I tried to explain it again :)


You probably can find the layer break position using PgcEdit, yes. It is not something I've tried so I cannot say for sure either way.


Assuming you want to know the title/chapter/cell of the layer break, I'd probably use IFOEdit. Just get it to open up the largest IFO file (this will probably be the main VTS set) and see where it marks the layer break flag.

If you want to know it in terms of LBA, load up ImgBurn and switch to verify mode. Down the bottom of the info on the right side of the window you'll see some information about layers.

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