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Issue found in Build mode


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Hi :)


An user at CDF mentioned an issue when using ImgBurn in build mode. When dragging a single folder in the main window, a message appear (see the pic).




Clicking on the "Cancel" button, the selected folder still remain in the build compilation, but the filling bar remains to zero.




The user asked what is the meaning of the cancel button then, because he is thinking that pressing Cancel will abort the operation, so nothing should appear in the build window.


Is it done purposely or it is a bug?


TIA :)

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That window isn't coming up because they're adding something to the source box, it's coming up because they've enabled automatic calculation (notice the 'Auto' checkbox over in that tab).


Pressing Cancel cancels the build (or in your case, automatic calculation) so the answer is yes, it's staying on 0 on purpose and the folder stays in the source box because it's got nothing to do with anything!

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