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Create CD CUE File hangs on Windows 7

Deron F

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I'm using ImgBurn on Windows 7 (beta build 7000) with oggcodecs_0.73.1936 installed. In WRITE mode, when adding files to the CD CUE file creation, it always hangs during what I assume to be the analysis phase (green progress bar). Sometimes the progress bar stops just before 50%, and sometimes it makes it as far as 90%, but it never gets to 100%. There is no update to the Log at this point of the operation, so nothing to report. If I hit the "Quick OK" button after the progress bar hangs, then the .cue file is created and I can burn the disk. I have included a screenshot of the hung CD CUE file creation window.


Here is what I've tried, and they all hang w/o creating CUE file:

5 different filesets

FLAC files

WAV files

forcing "Vista" and "XP SP2" compatibility on the ImgBurn.exe file

forcing "Run as Administrator"

disabling UAC

choosing either of my SATA writer drives (one DVD writer, the other a combo CD-r)


Here is what does work:

Hitting the "Quick OK" button once the progress bar hangs; .cue file is created

Using an existing .CUE file


The burns are fine if I use the .cue file created by hitting "Quick OK" and verify OK, but it's just a bit annoying that the normal process of adding files via the CD CUE file creation is hanging and forcing another step (kinda makes you think something isn't quite right).


I've been using ImgBurn for a few months on XP Pro w/o incident, so I was a little surprised when I ran into this right off the bat on Win7. I checked the normal parts of the forums looking for CUE file issues, and didn't find anything that looked like this. I also didn't see much in the way of Windows 7 posts. If there is something else to try, I'm willing to give it a go. I verified the file locations settings are normal, so I can't imagine it being a file write permission issue, especially since the QUICK OK creates a .cue file. I haven't modified any of the program settings either, other than to turn off sounds (so maybe there is something there I can check).




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That progress bar shows how much time is used, based on a standard 80min CD-R(W) capacity. It'll get to 100% when you've reached 80min of audio.


It has nothing to do with decoding capability, which, by the way, is done at burn time.

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Thanks for replying and straightening me out. You know what I think it is? It's a presentation thing. I've been using ImgBurn for months on Win XP Pro P2, and I KNEW that was a "usage" meter, not a progress bar. On XP, when I select the files to include, the "progress" doesn't "track" along the bar then stop....it's simply at the usage level of the files I selected when the window above it closes, and it doesn't "look" like something is happening. All 3 buttons are ready to accept input. I do remember trying to interpret what that actually represented when I first started using ImgBurn (and it didn't take long).


However on Windows 7, the green line starts tracking across the bar and then stops, but the shadowing affects (which are really cool), keep cycling (on the green part only, of course), which gives the illusion that something is still "happening", yet the green line is "stuck" at some % less than 100%. Also, I went back to see if the OK button went from gray to available, and it does, but it's a gradual change that happens while the green bar is tracking, so its state change is kinda lost in the visual affects above it.


I feel like a moron for reporting this, but I guess it was just enough of a difference from what I was used to that it threw me off.


BTW, I noticed this same behavior in BUILD mode when adding a VIDEO_TS folder and clicking the calculator...the progress bar gives the impression that it isn't done, possibly because of the moving shadowing.


Of course, it could also be that after installing a hundred apps from installation files in the last 2 days, that if a progress bar doesn't make it to 100%, something is wrong (even though these aren't progress bars, it isn't really clear what they represent, although I don't recall ever interpreting them correctly on XP).


Thanks again for setting me straight...

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BTW, I noticed this same behavior in BUILD mode when adding a VIDEO_TS folder and clicking the calculator...the progress bar gives the impression that it isn't done, possibly because of the moving shadowing.


It works the same in build mode too....nothing actually happens until you start your project.

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