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Burning slowdown


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Hello and thanks for the new version...

I have a problem with burning speed with the new version...

I have a Plextor PX708A, with the latest firmware(1.11) and i use TDK and Verbatim x16 +R media...

The burning process with the new version is extremelly unstable...

Going back to v., everything returns to normal...

I attached logfiles and .ibg from burns with each version(exact same settings, same media)...

Both copies are reported identical to the corresponding ISOs, by DVDInfo Pro...


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I attached logfiles and .ibg from burns with each version(exact same settings, same media)...

Both copies are reported identical to the corresponding ISOs, by DVDInfo Pro...


However, the image files are not identical to begin with. What happens if you burn the exact same image file, from the same location, using each version of ImgBurn? I realize that they are close enough in size, but I wonder if one of the images is somehow corrupted, thereby confusing ImgBurn Though this is extremely unlikely, you'll not know unless you eliminate the image file as a variable....

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Hmm that's most odd then.


The only thing I changed that could have caused this issue is the amount of data I read at a time from the hdd.


As you're saying the 'Buffer' is always full, that means it's reading from the hdd just fine. The problem is then sending it to the burner.


Just humour us and follow the DMA/slow burning related post in the FAQ.

i.e. uninstall your ide controller and reboot.


EDIT: ok, just looked at the IBG files, it's not a dma problem. is burning fine and then it looks like plextors WOPC is kicking in - or something else is using the bus/channel and stopping it burning at full speed. You'll then notice it jumps back to 4x for the 2nd half of the disc, before then messing up again.

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I'd be interested to see a PIPO scan of that media if you have one handy!


Never performed a PIPO scan...

Tell me how....


Edit: This problem is not media-specific...

I also tried with TDK DVD-R x16(R47ED), and noticed the same problem...

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Incase you're not already, it may also be worth going back to the default settings.


'something' appears to be interferring with the burn. As I said, with a full up normal buffer, there is no reason for any slowdown other than by external forces over which I have no control.

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The settings for the two burns with both versions, are exactly the same...

Only setting that is not on default is the buffer size(128 Mb)...

But the problem is with the device buffer....


Added: Advanced Settings dialog for BenQ / Plextor drives to control special features like PowerRec, WOPC, OverSpeed etc.

Could it be that this new option is not fully compatible with my Plextor(PX708A)?

Should i disable PowerRec, that is enabled by default?

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You have to physically go in and change those options via the new 'Advanced Settings' window. They're not touched otherwise.


Do a test mode burn (on a DVD-R disc of course) and look at the buffer when that's on. See if it's any different to normal (by normal, I mean where it's jumping). Disabling PowerRec should also stop wopc doing its thing.


The device buffer displays the value returned by the drive for how much data it thinks is in the drives internal cache.


When WOPC is doing it's thing, it tends to empty the buffer each time it tests the disc.


Your issue wouldn't be so bad/difficult to understand if the graph didn't clearly show it recovering from whatever the problem is.

If it was a real issue/bug, you'd get 1.5x all the time - as it's just the same command repeating over and over again.


To go from 4x to 8x, then slllloooooooww, then 4x again is quite mad!

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I made some test burns with -R media...

Here is what i noticed...


With v.

Everything is stable...


With v. and PowerReq off

Quite stable with very few jumps


With v. and PowerReq on

Starts ok...

Then a jumpy period due to device buffer jumping...

At ~56% x4 speed is resumed for a few seconds and then the first buffer goes to 0%

To the end of the test burn the speed is resumed to standard levels(x4)...


This test burns are with the same ISO and the same disk...


I attached the .ibg files...


Edit: Media is TDK -R x16(TTH02 - R47ED)


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I'll email you a version where you can change the transfer length used when reading files from the hdd. The new default is 256k, change it back to the old default of 64k and see if it makes a difference.


As I said earlier, this is the only bit I changed that's being run during a burn, the rest run leading upto it or run after it. I don't feel those bits could be causing your problem.

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Think we've found the cause of this now.


When burning, the OS eats all your memory in file cache.


Eventually you run out and windows then starts using your swap file.


As I assume that's on your C: drive - along with your image file - the machine just dies because it can't do two things at once.


This was indeed caused by the change in transfer length from 64k per read to 256kb per read.

It appears to now bypass some code within windows that stops it from caching the reads and so although I assumed it was a good thing to issue less read commands, it's actually made things worse.


I have a bit of a beasty machine and so didn't notice the problem, mine is mainly scsi and I never burn off my C: drive. I also have 2gb of memory.


If you're bored, feel free to burn another disc in and watch your available free memory vanish to 0 via task manager.

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Have the same problem with my Samsung SH-W162C and LG GSA-4120B.


Media TDK x 8 and x 16 plus Memorex x 8.


Example with TDK 8.

It start perfectly with a spped of 5.5. Goes up to7.7-8 when the radius increases. But at app. 35 % suddenly the buffer dropps to 0 and the spped falls.

Windows on partion C, Imgburn on same drive but another partion.

The image on its own drive.



Have now backed to version and can now burn without any problems

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