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From BIN/CUE to ISO in ImgBurn?


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I have a software stored in the image-file format BIN/CUE. Is there any simple way to convert it to ISO instead? (Alternatively IMG maybe?)


The reason why I would like to convert it to ISO instead is farmost because ISO only requires one file, while the BIN/CUE format requires two files - one BIN and one CUE file. One single ISO file also has the advantage that I don't need to have a separate directory/folder as with BIN/CUE files. That in turn makes the file more mobile since all you have to carry with you is this one file.


I usually use Img Burn for burning and creating image-files. But it seems as if Img Burn doesn't have the ability to convert between the different image-file formats, other then first burning the source image-file, and then creating a new image-file from that burned disc. But that would absurd and time consuming if one had to do it that way, but sure, it should work.


Any other ideas?...


Thanks in advance!

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