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ImgBurn builds ISO9660 level 1 names using ANSI (WINDOWS) codepage


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Sorry, i don't know English.


ImgBurn builds ISO9660 level 1 names using ANSI (WINDOWS) codepage. It has negative effect

when selected "DOS" or "ASCII" character set and names contains national character. E.g. under

DOS this names looks unreadable (at least visual). Nero with same ISO9660 level 1 restrictions builds

names using OEM (DOS) codepage. However, standard MSCDEX-driver (under DOS) can't access files

with national characters (but can show).


Thank you for quality soft.

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file name created using OEM (DOS) looks under dos (OK!):



file name created using ANSI (like ImgBurn does) looks under dos:



this is because ANSI uses different show for codes in range 128-255


from Win32 programmer's reference:


The CharToOem function translates a string into the OEM-defined character set.

(OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer.)

This function supersedes the AnsiToOem function.


BOOL CharToOem(


LPCTSTR lpszSrc, // pointer to string to translate

LPSTR lpszDst // pointer to translated string








Pointer to the null-terminated string to translate.




Pointer to the buffer for the translated string. If the CharToOem function is being used as

an ANSI function, the string can be translated in place by setting the lpszDst parameter to

the same address as the lpszSrc parameter. This cannot be done if CharToOem is being

used as a wide-character function.




Return Values


The return value is always nonzero.

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Sorry, I got myself confused there.


It's the 'Standard' one that ImgBurn limits to A-Z, 0-9 and _. For the DOS and ASCII options it just blocks the reserved characters - such as : \ / etc.


ImgBurn uses WideCharToMultiByte with 'CodePage' set to 'CP_ACP' when making its ISO9660 file identifiers.

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