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How to transfer a nero vision file to imgburn?


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Hello, I obviously have no idea what I am talking about, lol. Sorry. Here is my problem...


First off, I wanted to make a dvd which was too big for a regular dvd size so I bought Memorex DVD+R DL, which now I heard isn't so good. My Staples store only carries these, not Verbatim. Anyway, when I would try to burn it always fails.


I will post a log, but only if you guys have to see it because this is my other problem...


With some help, someone had told me I could transfer (my menus, background music....etc) from what I did from Nero vision over to ImgBurn. I have no idea how to do this. It's an NVC file. I thought I was doing it right until a message popped up saying that my disc (Dvd+R DL) was too big for this size.....so I think this program is thinking I just want to add files and NOT play this on a dvd player.


I don't want to waste any more discs so I need your help!


Could I possibly break down the quality to fit all these onto a regular disc?


Would you like to see the log form Nero vision?


I hope you guys understand..lol

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Can't you set the output size in Nero Vision and tell it to fit on a single layer disc?


If not, have it make the IFO/BUP/VOB files and then load them into Nero Recode to shrink it down to SL size.



I thought so too, but it only gives like 2 options a dvd-9 and a regular disc. Then you set the recording size to extended play so it fits more, but mine went way over. I thought there was a way to just knock down the quality so it fits.


I will try the recode thing though.

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