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Layer Break Dialog Box Help


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Pardon my ignorance I'm new with imgburn.

I tried looking up my question here on the forum and even looked at the guide, but I still need help.

I'm using imgburn as the burning engine for DVD Fab for backing up my DVD collection.

Before this, I was using another burning engine that came with DVD Fab and everything was automatic, there was no input on my behalf at all.

So what exactly do I do, in layman's terms, when I see the layer break dialog box? I'm not a guru at this, I just want my DVD's backed correctly.

Thanks for your patience,


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I don't know how to capture the screen. I feel dumb :unsure:

I clicked on the file with the best star, then clicked OK and it finished the process.

Am I on the right track?


I'm not sure there are any layman's terms. You either know what you're doing or you learn what you're doing... there is no simple answer.


Post a screenshot of the options you're presented with.

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