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divx video discs prompt


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hi all!


after updating to the latest version and spending some time digging thru options, i need some help.


This new dialog box keeps popping up EVERY TIME on every single file!


Your image contains an 'AVI' file in the root directory so I'm going to assume it's a DivX Video disc.


DivX Video discs typically use 'ISO9660 + Joliet' file systems, not 'UDF' as you have selected.


Do you want me to correct this for you?


Guys, is there ANY way to disable this thing? Clicking Yes or No for each single file (and stupidly enough it doesn't matter if i push Yes or No, it still going to pop out within the next file) or keep changing the file system before putting files and then changing it back and in case to forget to revert it after I push burn button and waste discs.


Any way to disable this annoying box??? Such a great program, but this new prompt is just killing me!

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why don't you turn off auto calculate?


It's because you've turned that on that it's prompting every time.


Calculate when you've added all your files (which couldn't you just do in 1 go anyway via drag+drop?)... or just change the file system to something that includes joliet. Why are you (only) using UDF anyway?


btw, has an option to auto answer that prompt. Look out for it when it gets released (later tonight)

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