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Translation file updated for 2.4.4.
2009-07-28 - Translation file updated for
2010-03-17 - Translation file updated for
2010-09-03 - Translation file updated for
2010-09-25 - added missing translation for "Kill system error".
2010-12-08 - Translation file updated for
2011-10-04 - Translation file updated for
2012-03-30 Translation file updated for

2012-06-07 Translation file updated for


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Thanks, I was hoping for a real diff file, not a html of it, but fortunately it was easy to get rid of the html cruft and it opened fine in a diff viewer and even applied successfully, so it's fine even this way.


One thing about the new translation - what's 'pmnuFamilyTree.Caption=00000854,Family Tree'

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A traditional family tree shows your ancestors etc yeah.


My version just shows all the parent devices of a given drive... so you can see which channel it's connected to, which controller that channels belongs to etc.


Really it's just a way for us to find out which controller a drive is connected to - so we can advise about driver updates etc.


When you click the 'Family Tree' option, this is roughly what you get...


29-07-2011 21-22-32.png

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need some advice to make my lang-update, where did you find/get base file to, can't see it on DL page, only the old one


Base File (*)  


I must be blind...




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It's on the Download page at the bottom of ImgBurn Translation Language Files table.


Currently is version listed that you'll have to update with the differences to have the final version.

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well, that has not been the way to do it earlier, I have already done 2570, how can I use it again, with different words?


see from this new 'text compare' html:


"Text Compare
Produced: 24/05/2013 11:01:43
Mode:  Differences  
Left file: D:\www\imgburn\download\translations\base_file_2.5.7.0.zip\ImgBurn.dklang  
Right file: D:\www\imgburn\download\translations\base_file_2.5.8.0.zip\ImgBurn.dklang  "



as you can see up, there should be  this 'base_file_2.5.8.0.zip\ImgBurn.dklang'


it is odd to make translations to file that earlier (2570) said 'delete' and now (2580) 'remove' - no sense in that ?


748 ToolButton_Delete.Caption=00000011,Delete <> 748 ToolButton_Remove.Caption=00000011,Remove  


and these items are not there, because they are new ones:   (?)


-+ 1856 pmnuSendBurnerMAXPayload.Caption=00000866,Send BurnerMAX Payload       1857 mnuSendBurnerMAXPayload.Caption=00000867,Send BurnerMAX Payload       1858 Panel_ISOBUILD_BootableDisc_PlatformIdentifier_Label.Caption=00000868,Platform ID:       1859 Panel_ISOBUILD_BootableDisc_PlatformIdentifier.Items=00000870,80x86\nPower PC\nMac\nUEFI\n       1860 Panel_ISOBUILD_BootableDisc_PlatformIdentifier.Text=00000869,80x86


of course, if this is now the way to do it, then ok...






sorry to hijack this 'Czech Translation', was not my intention, just wanted to get 2580 file, and thought he would know...

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