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settings dialog position on multi-monitor setup

Mark Valentine

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This is a buglet I've noticed since (currently using


My monitor setup is:


Monitor 2: 1280x1024 (primary)

Monitor 1: 1600x1200


The desktop is aligned along the bottom edge.


On my primary (smaller) monitor, the Tools>Settings... dialog pops up with the title bar and tabs off the top of the screen (I guess I'd see them if my desktop area was naively deduced to be 2880x1200!).


I can move it with Alt+Space, m, DOWN keys, but each time I open it it pops back up just off-screen.


This is on Windows XP Pro SP3.


Cheers and thanks for the one of the best pieces of software I've seen in my time (I especially appreciate default settings that generally "just work", but can be changed when needed and STAY that way without tripping over each other!). Really does make life that wee bit more pleasant when you consider all the curseware we otherwise have to put up with. :)



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It's supposed to center itself around the main window.... where is that exactly?!


It's cent(e)red horizontally on the primary (1280x1024) monitor, title bar aligned along the top of the monitor (log window taking up the remaining vertical space).


If I moved it down a bit, the settings dialog seems to always pop up the same vertical distance higher (centered horizontally over the main window).

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Is there any way you can get a screenshot? (shrink it down to something like 30%)


I use multimonitor too (2nd is hdtv) but the nvidia drivers make them 2 different desktops. Mine are around the other way though, the bigger is the primary. I'll have a play around and try to reproduce the error.

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Is there any way you can get a screenshot? (shrink it down to something like 30%)


OK, 3 screenshots for you.


[1] Primary monitor showing window placement, with main ImgBurn window moved down a bit before opening settings, but not enough for the settings title bar to be entirely on-screen (I guess the settings dialog IS vertically centred on the main window too):




[2] entire desktop showing both monitors:




[3] Windows Display Settings:



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