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Spanish Translation (International Sort)


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Please note that this one isn't quite right yet and I rejected it.


I'm agree, i think that i'll continue using english language, but i'd like to be able to modified some lines, specially in [frmSettings], to make it more easy to understand to me (english is not my mother tongue), may you include a link on download page to an English.lng file, so it can be easily modified using any text editor ?.

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When I said it's 'not quite right' I was talking about missing bits... not that it doesn't translate very well. I look for common faults in the translation before uploading (2 key points in the vesion) and this one failed.


You can change it as you see fit.


Just follow the guide that I mentioned at the top of this forum.


You don't have to start from scratch, you can load this one up and just tweak it as required.


Of course a translation should really be done in the original intended style... so making it 'easier to understand' probably shouldn't come into it.


btw, there is no english.lng, it's known as the 'base file'.

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