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  1. ImgBurn just burns what you give it. It doesn’t know what subtitle files are. Whatever you feed it must already be in the format your playback device supports.
  2. >> I see what you mean. Instead of waiting all day for the Device Not Ready (Medium Not Present - Tray Closed) message to disappear, you are suggesting I eject the disk and then reinsert it for X amount of times. I will try that this weekend. Could it not be a problem with the disks themselves? Exactly. That message isn't going to change unless you actually do something - it's already a final / resting type message. It could be a problem with either of them. Something, somewhere isn't working very well if the drive thinks it has burnt the disc ok but then cannot reinitialise said disc after cycling the tray. It could be the discs, but you've used them before. The drive was able to initialise them when they were blank - it burn them and then couldn't initialise them 2nd time around... so maybe it's a hardware fault. Posting a log of the burn would help, as at the moment, we have no idea about which drive/discs you're using.
  3. When it pops out (technically, it's cycling the tray between write and verify), you are just pushing the tray back in, yes? Don't remove the disc. If the disc is in the tray and yet the drive is returning that status (medium not present - tray closed), it sounds like a hardware issue to me. Please eject the tray and reinsert it. Does the drive manage to initialise the disc after x attempts at doing that? (The details of the disc will become visible in the info panel on the right within ImgBurn)
  4. It's going back a good few years now, but only real LiteOn iHAS drives were capable of burning them nicely - and only really on the MKM-003-00 discs. The Vinpower Digital 'plus' drives have been designed (firmware modified appropriately) to support it. You'd have to get one of those and put it in a suitable USB enclosure.
  5. Yes, I’d say it’s an issue with your drive. Also, you’re trying to burn one of those oversized images and you can only do that with certain drives. These days, you’ll need to buy a ‘plus’ model of one of the Vinpower Digital offerings (Plextor/ pioneer/optiarc).
  6. Put a new blank disc in the drive and don’t touch it with anything other than ImgBurn. It’ll do what it needs to do in order to use it.
  7. If you can’t even force close it, it’s probably not ImgBurn itself that you’re waiting for… it’ll be something lower level - a system driver or something.
  8. It’s unlikely you’d have written/saved them to your hdd without an error popping up if there was actually a problem writing them to the disc. Likewise, if there was a problem reading any of the sectors they’re stored on, you’d have seen an error message. You can test the zip and rar files by opening them in your compression util and clicking the Test button. The util will tell you if the crc isn’t what it should be.
  9. It tells the drive that you're about to burn a track of x sectors in size. What the drive does with that info is up to the drive It's required as part of the command sequence for burning DVD-R, but can optionally be issued for DVD+R too.
  10. Pop the disc back in and go into Read mode. Copy and paste all of the info from the box on the right please. They’re probably fine if 2 drives can read them ok, just be open to the idea that you might have to exchange them if they don’t work for whoever buys them.
  11. If you don’t want the program to prefer properly formatted discs, you can tell it not to via a single option in the settings. It’s on the ‘Write’ tab and probably called something like ‘Prefer properly formatted discs’.
  12. Hmm that’s a tough one. So you’re moving the usb drive between machines and it’s behaving differently? How many burns have you tried on each machine? What percentage of those have failed on each machine? As drives are self contained, it shouldn’t really be possible for them to behave differently in different machines. Maybe it’s power related? Does the drive just take power from usb? If so, it’s probably from 2 ports yeah? Are they both usb 3 on both machines?
  13. It looks like you’re meant to pass DEST as the 2nd command line argument. Of course, that isn’t possible by simply double clicking the bat file, you need to call it via something like this. Makeiso “c:\src” “d:\dest” Hardcoding the value, as suggested by dbminter, is therefore the way to go for you, but it kills off command line functionality.
  14. Notice the drive/disc is saying 'Formatted: No (started)' in the box on the right - that's why it's telling you that. ImgBurn defaults to wanting properly formatted discs and will attempt to get them to that state before it burns them. Format it properly in ImgBurn so it says 'Yes' instead of 'No' and then don't use another app that's going to mess with the formatting.
  15. As I doubt wincatalog is actually that clever, it’s probably just looking at the volume label of the discs. You can configure that to whatever you want it to be.
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