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    Sony Book Type

    Did you use the eeprom setting? And you know you have to burn the disc for it to change... yeah? Once burnt, look at the 'Physical Format Information (Last Recorded)#39; section and checkout the booktype in that bit. Do Not look at the ADIP one, it'll always say DVD+R DL.

    a small DVD+RW problem (maybe)

    For DVD+RW, I think it's done when you format the disc, NOT when you burn it.
  3. Audio it 2352 bytes per sector, yes, but it's stored differently somehow and is identified as audio rather than mode 2 or whatever (I think!). The reason I can't detect audio is because it has no filesystem. I use filesystem signatures to determine the data type (mode 1, mode 2 etc). So without a filesystem, you get 'Invalid or unsupported file format' when you try to open/load the image file.

    I/O error!

    By the nature of SPTI, if a command gets stuck processing, no other I/O seems to take place. That's why your machine seems unresponsive. Pretty much anything you do will involve some from of read from the hdd or whatever, and if that can't happen because a drive/driver got stuck, you're pretty much screwed!

    I/O error!

    Yes, it sure looks like your drive can't stand those discs. As for copy + paste of the message, just press CTRL+C when it's on the screen!
  6. nah, the program wouldn't be able to detect the file format if it was audio. It's probably a ps2 game or something. VCD/SVCD perhaps.

    Newbie needs help

    Indeed you do, sorry

    Newbie needs help

    ImgBurn BURNS disc IMAGES. It won't help you with anything DVD Decrypter related (besides ISO Write mode stuff).
  9. lol this is a CD image, burn it to a CD!

    Errors using ImgBurn Cannot write sectors

    Ditch your external box and make the drive internal - or buy another one that works properly.
  11. Ok Cynthia, I've added that switch for you. Lucky I did actually, I found some problems with the normal /CLOSE switch that had come about because of the new queue system! So 'Thanks' !

    DL Media Tests

    Although I've never tried Ricoh DL discs, I've nothing but respect for the Ricoh brand. They make some great DVD+R discs - which I have purchased on many occasions. If you can get them at the Ritek price, I see no reason why Ritek should EVER sell another DL disc!

    My burner seems to be capped at 2x

    Sorry, by 'cope' I meant that is has some compatibilty issue with it, rather than it not being powerful enough. That's why I said to check the motherboard bios. I guess you didn't build the PC yourself or you'd already know how to configure the bios, so just go to the site of whoever made your machine and find the latest bios update for it. Once you're sure it's on the latest version, select the option to reset to default values. Then just double check everything and anything that's related to IDE, DMA etc is enabled and on the fastest option. Most bios auto detect the drives now. I have a 875 chipset on my board but I can see the diagnostics screen just before windows boots up and it clearly says what speeds my drives are running at. To see that diagnostics screen you may need to disable 'quiet boot' / 'quick boot' within the bios and also possibly turn off the 'show logo' option. As for the filter tool, yeah that's the one. Only thing I don't like seeing there is the pxhelp20 driver. That's normally from recordnow max or some other 'pinnacle' tool. If you're not using such tools, I suggest you uninstall them. There's a chance pxhelp20 wont vanish. You 'could' remove it via regedit but perhaps you're not quite ready for that task. Maybe in device manager with 'show hidden devices' enabled in the menu system, you could find it in the 'Non-Plug and play drivers' section. Just right click it and select uninstall. What you could also do for me is to export the following key via the regedit tool. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E96A-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} Just navigate to it, right click and then select export. Save it to a file, open that file in notepad and then copy + paste the contents to a post here in the forum.

    My burner seems to be capped at 2x

    Does test mode on your main pc also go at 2x? (Not sure you've mentioned trying that before). As you've come from the Digital Digest forums, did you try the filter driver discovery tool I suggested (via someone else perhaps) ? You get it from the free downloads section over at www.bustrace.com Either your PC just cant cope with that drive, there's a bad driver in your system, or DMA STILL isn't working properly. You've got the latest firmware on your pioneer but how about on the motherboard? Is the bios correctly configured to use DMA on the drive etc? These things are so hard to fix when you're not physically at the machine. I'd have either done it by now or just rebuilt the damn thing lol.

    My burner seems to be capped at 2x

    Eh, what did you guys just learn?! I thought I was explaining the 'whack' term more than anything! lol Shoomy, like I said, burn and verify something or read a burnt dvd back using another tool. Ahh, here we go! http://cdspeed2000.com/go.php3?link=download.html Download CD/DVD Speed 4.10 and test the read speed that way.

    My burner seems to be capped at 2x

    Ok, if 'Buffer' is always at 100%, reading from your hdd is not a problem. Have you burnt *any* dvds? You need to find a program that can read them and report the speed back to you. Or burn a disc in ImgBurn with Verify enabled and wait for it to verify. The verify part is reading the disc back and it tells you on the screen what speed it's doing it at. Is anything else attached to the cable your Pioneer drive is on? Have you tried a different cable? Oh and when I said whack the buffer right up, I meant go into the settings and change the 'Buffer' slider to 256MB rather than 20MB. But as you've already said the Buffer stays at 100%, there is no need to do that.

    My burner seems to be capped at 2x

    and both buffers go mad? According to windows device manager, your burner should be in running Ultra DMA 4 I believe. Just check that's the case for you. Try reading a disc (with a different program of course!), that too should reach a max of 2x if this problem is to make any sense at all! If you whack the buffer in ImgBurn right up, the 'Buffer' should just go down gradually - until it reaches the bottom where it may then start going mad. Whilst the Buffer is gradually going down, how is the Device Buffer behaving? The left one basically means the program cant read from your hdd quickly enough. Data goes from the hdd into memory - so should just be using the SATA stuff. The Device buffer is going from memory to your drive - so will be using your ATA connection. Even though you say the CPU usage isn't high, it seems VERY weird as what you describe has 'DMA problem' written all over it!

    My burner seems to be capped at 2x

    and just checking.... the hdd you're burning from isn't on that same cable?

    A picture of lfcrule1972

    Wow, your missus is one lucky lady lfc!

    Maybe a Settings Guide

    Nooooooooooooo, this is MY burn engine, nothing to do with Nero. File associations and linking to programs are just what appears on the context menu when you right click a file of that type (i.e. ISO, IMG, BIN etc.). My file associations add a 'Burn using ImgBurn' option to that menu. If no other program is accosiated with a file extension, when you double click an icon, it'll normally open with that program - having seen it to be the 'default' action. File associations in no way tie you down to only using those files with those programs.
  21. Peter, There's no reason I can think of that your computer wouldn't shut down if ImgBurn is done burning and something else tries to shut it down. Cynthia, Ah yes, sorry, I thought /CLOSE only closed the program if it was successful. However, success/failure of the burn is only checked by the 'shutdown computer when done' bit of code. I personally think this feature would be useful to very few people... I can't think of many/any other tools that work in such a way! As such, I'm hesitant to add it to the GUI. I could offer an extended /CLOSE switch (i.e. /CLOSESUCCESS) that only closes if it was successful. Of course modifying your shortcut to pass that flag would then mean you couldn't turn it off within the GUI and that'll probably end up annoying you/people too - Doh! So basically, I think you're gonna have to live with clicking the little red X

    My burner seems to be capped at 2x

    Look in task manager when you're burning. Is it running at a high percentage? (i.e. 50% (with Hyperthreading) or 100% without) If it is, DMA is your problem. You're using an 80 wire cable yeah?
  23. No, close doesn't do anything if there was an error. Add /close to your shortcut if you want that functionality all the time Can I ask, in what situation would you find this useful?

    fast forwarding to layer break to test it

    load the image in imgburn, right click the value next to 'Sectors:' in the Source box. There's only 1 option on the context menu so it shouldn't be hard to figure out which one you need to click

    Burn from within a Web page?

    Aren't activex controls downloaded to your PC anyway?! I'm pretty sure they're not run from a remote server. Sorry, this one has to go on the 'never' list.

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