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    Cannot limit/set auto-verify read speed

    I’m pretty sure it uses the speed you set in verify mode.

    failed update on atapi ihHAS 424

    Having googled it, I’m pretty sure your drive is in recovery mode - from a failed flash attempt. 0L1Z is not a normal firmware version... it’s the recovery / boot code version or something. As for why you can’t flash it with a stock firmware update... well, it’s probably for the same reason it ended up in recovery mode in the first place. You may need to do it in another pc or with different controller settings (ide compatible mode) in the bios. You could also try using binflash from over at the myce forums. Please note, none of this is anything to do with ImgBurn. It merely pointed you in the direction of a website.

    Mentions on the board software?

    @dbminter They seem to, yes.

    Data layout on BD-ROM disc (and other media too)

    For dvd, you'd just look at the layer break position and anything beyond that is on L1. Layer jump recording could be a pain to deal with! For BD, as the you're meant to treat them as single layer and there are now disc with 4 layers, it's more complicated. If you know the number of sectors available on each layer, I'd say you add the up until you reach the required lba. It should fill a layer before moving on to the next and there's no way to move the layer breaks like there is on OTP DVD.

    Help urgent please

    There an option in the settings that may or may not help. It's called 'Perform OPC before write' and asks the drive to try and calibrate the laser power based on its own findings of the media in the tray rather than what it thinks should be used for the MID of the disc (hard coded in firmware). Beyond that, I have no clue. There's nothing I can do (even on purpose) to make your drive burn badly, it just doesn't work like that. Again though, this isn't fixing ImgBurn - it hasn't changed or gotten worse. It's a potential work around for something not being quite right with other things. The option makes things worse for some people and better for others. The default is off.
  6. Have you tried the other supported write speeds? If your drive can't produce a readable disc when it burns at 'MAX' (6x), try the remaining supported speeds.

    Help urgent please

    Do yourself a favour and mind your own business. You clearly have no clue about anything and you're talking utter nonsense. Does your hdd stop working when you move (upgrade) between OS's? No, because that's not how they work. Optical drives are the same. The software sends data to the drive, it's down to the drive and its firmware to perform / control the actual writing. That's why firmware updates exists and they usually all say they improve support for xyz media. No software has ever said that (beyond basic support for new media types - CD, DVD, HD DVD, BD) His discs are unreadable because the drive did a bad job of burning them (at 'MAX' speed - which is 12x in this case). A slower speed may produce better results. Perhaps that's what DVDFab is doing by default any why he's saying it takes ages when he uses DVDFab. If fast doesn't work and slow does, use slow.

    Help urgent please

    ImgBurn hasn't changed. It doesn't 'age' or get worse over time. If it used to work, your issue lies elsewhere. Have you tried burning at a slower speed? 'MAX' might not be the best one for you to use.

    Help urgent please

    The log gets saved when you close the program. Access it via the help menu. Once you've located it, attach / upload it please.

    Help urgent please

    post the log of you burning and verifying such a disc please.

    ImgBurn may install malware

    I don’t want to make it open source. It will never be open source.

    Can't Finalize Disk

    Is this a disc you’ve burnt with ImgBurn? It will have already been finalised correctly. You don’t need to worry about which commands work or don’t work. Put it in your car and see if it plays. It won’t harm it.
  13. Pay attention to the Log window. It tells you that the speed you selected isn’t supported and that your drive has picked a different speed. Bottom line is, your drive doesn’t support burning at 1x on those discs.

    "Hiding" drives from ImgBurn?

    Try disabling it in device manager.

    ImgBurn may install malware

    Mirror 7 has offered an 'ad supported' version (where the installer uses a plugin that offers 3rd party software during the installation process) for years now. As in, years and years and years, dating way back before The plugin handles what the user is offered, I have nothing to do with that side of things.

    Disc help

    You're probably talking about the disc id (MID) and that you should avoid those made by CMC. Buy some proper Verbatim discs (not the value line ones) - look for the term 'Azo' on them... I think they're the good ones. I have a million discs left over from back when I was developing ImgBurn full time, and as such, I haven't purchased any for a long time now - so please forgive me if the product branding has changed. Back then, anything with a disc ID starting with the letters MCC, MKM, TYG or YUDEN were considered 'decent'.

    ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 Released!

    As usual, you can download it and view the changelog by visiting the main website. http://www.imgburn.com/ Special 'Thanks' to all the beta testers, translators and donors!
  18. The .MDS is not a simple text document The .CUE / .DVD files are simple text documents.
  19. You could write each section of the ISO to a disc if you treat it as a file and not a disc image - i.e. you use Build mode. You can than take both of those discs elsewhere, copy the file off each disc into a folder on your computer and then use the MDS to combine both parts and burn to a double layer disc using Write mode.

    Can't create bootable grub2 image

    eltorito.img is the legacy boot image. You need to leave the Platform ID on 80x86 to use that one. efi.img in the root folder is the UEFI one.

    ImgBurn equivalent on mac

    For basic burning of an ISO file (you can download the Windows 10 ISO files quite easily), the OS can do that directly. A quick google found this page - https://osxdaily.com/2015/11/22/burn-disc-images-os-x-finder/
  22. That *warning* is not the issue here. The problems you're having are probably caused by the media you're using. Please read this....

    Wrong CRC on the download page. Please correct.

    It matches the file on Mirror 7 - the 'direct' one.

    ASUS BW-12B1ST No Reference Position Found

    Try some different discs, the drive doesn't like the ones you're using - or it's totally broken.
  25. Does it remember the position of the main window? It could revert to default if the position is considered invalid (i.e. totally off screen). The default is the main window top / centre and the Log window bottom / centre.

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