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    Disc ejected on read error

    This is nothing to do with imgburn, your drive is doing it.

    How can I set the "layer type" to "read-only"?

    Indeed, the only fix is to buy a drive that does it (by design). It's not something the software has any control over - beyond sending the normal booktype commands.

    Error when trying to "Create Image File From Disc"

    As your optical drive is using E: for its drive letter, just pick 'create image file from files/folders' on the Ez-Mode picker screen when ImgBurn starts, type in E:\ in the 'Source' box, click the '+' button next to it and off you go. Pick your destination image file (iso) and press the start button.

    Make Imgburn version part of medium

    I'm pretty sure it's on there somewhere. There are lots of fields you can fill in with that sort of data.

    Possible issue with version

    An ECC block is 16 sectors on a DVD, not 32. For that reason, the error isn't important. Which UDF version did you use on the disc?

    Potential Bogus Driver Error Detected

    Check (and perhaps replace) the cable / port the drive is attached to. If you're getting CRC errors with the transfer of data to/from the drive, something isn't right somewhere.

    SetupImgBurn_2.5.8.0.exe fails

    It’ll be the same deal as in the other threads. Take control of your AV software and get it to ask you what you want to do rather than just doing it. You also have the option of downloading from one of the other mirror sites.

    What's wrong with this picture?

    Australian burner

    Suddenly DTS-WAV files (DTS-CD) not burning correctly

    Sorry, I've never played around with burning those DTS CDs and have no clue how they actually work. Generally speaking, ImgBurn would be trying to convert any audio files fed into it into 44100Hz, 16 bit, stereo.... as that's what CDDA is. The exception to that would be when you feed it a BIN file, as I'm pretty sure that just gets burnt as-is. So, if you're saying it's worked ok in the past, what format were those images / files in? Were they all BIN/CUE? What files do you have for this non-working disc?
  10. What you've said there is the exact opposite of what this person is seeing though. You're essentially saying Build mode works and Write mode doesn't. They're saying Write mode works and Build mode doesn't. Programmatically, the code that does the writing doesn't know or care where it's getting the data from. Data is data and the exact same commands get sent to the drive to ask it to write it to disc.
  11. Speaking from a technical point of view, I'm afraid it doesn't mean anything. There's no difference between Write, Build and Discovery modes where the actual burning of the disc is concerned. There's only 1 chunk of code that does the actual burning and it's used by all 3 modes. Also, there's no way to make a drive more or less capable of burning / reading the disc. That stuff is all controlled by the drive and its firmware.

    Device Not Ready (No Reference Position Found)

    Your drive can't burn DVDs. It's a CD burner that can *read* DVDs (but not write to them).

    Build mode for BD-R

    Have you switched the output to 'Image File' rather than 'Device' ?
  14. Your INDEX 00 markers do not leave a short time between tracks. That's the point I was making The TRACK commands give you the ability to skip (tracks). You can't do anything with indexes at all - as in, you can't jump between them. They're invisible to software / hardware players. The table of contents on the disc only records where track x / index 01 is and that's considered the start of a track if you skip through them. So really, INDEX 00 of a track actually looks like it belongs to the previous one. The PREGAP command instructs the program to insert digital silence between tracks (that data is not taken from the file).... so if you had a single large file with digital silence in it between tracks, that's where you might choose to use INDEX 00 (for when it starts) and then INDEX 01 for when the music starts again. INDEX's consume data from the file.
  15. You can do without the INDEX 00 entries, there's no point in them being there. INDEX 01 is what players jump to when you skip tracks etc. Plus you'd only made the index 00 1 frame long... which is 1/75th of a second! Well done for figuring it all out though. No idea about the browser thing. Remove the password from your saved password list and try again.

    Program stands still....

    That would have power cycled the drive I guess - something a restart doesn't do.
  17. Why are you using such an old version? Even the latest version is old, so that's the one you should be using. It's not worth anyone's time trying to troubleshoot when you aren't up-to-date with the app in question. Once you've updated (and I suggest you reset back to the default settings), copy and paste everything from the Log window once you've opened the program and left it until it's found the drives - I'm assuming that's the bit yours is taking ages on - going by the screenshot.

    Program stands still....

    Maybe you rebooted your machine? There's no reason for it to get stuck where it did.... it would have been due to something outside of ImgBurn, but a bit more info (in the form of a debug enabled log) would have helped me to help you figure out what it might be. Hopefully it stays working ok for you now.

    IMGBURN fails on BD 50 GB recording. TDK BD-WFA-00

    Please post the log from you burning (with verify enabled) the discs. Either your drive(s) can't burn the discs very well or your playback device can't read them very well. Neither of those are anything to do with ImgBurn really. You could try some different discs.
  20. This is not something ImgBurn can help you with.... but those other CUE tools you mentioned might work? You don't need to split the actual WAV file, if the CUE has tracks defined in it, they'll reference different parts of the file and your disc will come out with multiple tracks rather than just 1. CUE files are actually quite basic, you can edit them in notepad and insert tracks based on rough timings as you fast forward through the file in media player or whatever.

    Program stands still....

    Next time you burn, press the F8 key before the point where it cycles the tray. That'll enable I/O debug mode (confirm it via the Log window) and more will be added to the log. Once it's stuck, save the log and upload it here on the forum please.

    How to stop application running after burn

    That's a Windows thing. Turn off Autoplay or whatever it's called.

    I/O error message

    It looks like you tried to burn too much to the disc. The program tells you that what you've chosen to burn won't fit, which must mean you acknowledged the message.

    Change content type

    If you have an ISO from tsMuxer, use the 'Write image file to disc' option within ImgBurn - as per the guide you were linked to earlier.

    cd burner for playlist

    Are you trying to burn an Audio CD? If so, follow that guide.

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