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  1. Probably would be if we actually had a drive
  2. You still with us Shamus ? The things you Brisbanites do just to be the lead news story.
  3. Acreage - No, just residential block adjacent to Industrial area next to the coastline. Don't know which previous owner wasted their money digging it. Hmmm, seems we've sidetracked this thread. Oh well, bringing it back to the summer theme:
  4. Nah, I like my women a bit more responsive, adventurous, and with a little more intelligence.
  5. zacoz

    how to

    Yeah it's working that way for me now, but wouldn't until having uninstalled first. Even tried rebooting before the uninstall route in case windowz wasn't reading properly from the registry. WinXP sp2 by the way. Program is so easy to uninstall / install anyway so hardly matters.
  6. zacoz

    how to

    LUK, I found that this didn't initially work for me - it seems because I had installed over the top of without first uninstalling. Once I uninstalled, "Burn with ImgBurn" was removed, and upon re-install unticking all the file associations then also removed it. Got to go re-enable them now.
  7. As I understand it, in the latest version the verify option does a true bit for bit verify against the source ISO. So a single bit being unable to be read correctly during the verify will cause a verify failure. When it comes to playing on your standalone or PC for that matter, they are more forgiving and ignore it or try to correct it, then keep going - you won't be able to pick a single bit error within the video or audio in most cases. Personally if verify is failing your should consider slowing the burn speed, using better quality disc etc - if you get one bit failure, dependant upon the cause (e.g. CMC dye discs) it may be just as likely you'll get 1000.
  8. No, wife's the only nutty one around here. Do have a well, that's useless due to being too close to the water - too much salt. You know CQ a bit do you Shamus ? Seems a lot of SEQ residents can't quite grasp the distances between towns up here
  9. zacoz


    I've been using Firefox for a while now (dating back to v 0.5 or something I think) as my secondary browser (primary for possible dodgy / unknown sites due to better security). I think with v 1.5 it has reached the stage where it's close to becoming my primary browser. It's faster loading than it used to be and I don't think I've had a problem displaying any pages (a pain with past versions - possibly to do with sticking to standards). You really need to check out the extensions, which allow you to tweak it to work how you want (Adblocker, Tab Browser Prefs my must have favourites). The 2 things I like the most are: ( a ) that you can move back and forward to pages you've already viewed at a fraction of the time it takes in IE, and ( b ) for images if you right click --> save the target of a link, and then click on the link it is smart enough to know that you've already downloaded the image and opens it up straight away (doesn't make you wait while it downloads again like IE) Having said this, I am still using Slimbrowser presently for what I consider known or likely safe sites. It uses the IE rendering engine, and is much faster and more stable than any other IE based browser I've tried. It's also got a load of useful features without having turned into bloatware. If you are reluctant of straying too far from what you know with IE, then it's a brilliant way to get the benefits of tabbed browsing.
  10. Used to live in Rocky and out at Blackwater - but up in Mackay now. Believe it or not Rocky's been getting more rain than we have.
  11. zacoz

    XBOX 360

    Now you're just showing your age
  12. Invited ?? We just showed up, and haven't been chucked out yet.
  13. Well if you don't want to skin your knees, then get up off the ground and find an appropriate height table, bench, bed ...
  14. Couldn't you automate that in the next version LUK ?
  15. Did you download the ImgTool Classic 0.91.6 version as indicated by Shamus (or accidentally downloaded ImgTool Burn 1.2.1 instead) ? I'm guessing the latter, so try going back and getting ImgTool Classic 0.91.6
  16. I'm thinking that you're asking for too much - seeing as there is no ISO Read Module
  17. @Kev Like the new Avatar. Does this make me a bad person ?
  18. I just wish Shamus would send some rain up this way. Definately sunny here in my area of Central Queensland - also bitching hot and dry.
  19. zacoz

    XBOX 360

    They're still in the dark ages over in the US - still stuffin' around with Imperial measurements. Quite ironic I think.
  20. How about all those indispensible utilities we used to use in earlier Windows 9x versions - that just don't work under WinXP.
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