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  1. At that price we'll all want to get them shipped from the UK (!)
  2. So is it any different to the $2.50 a bottle Lambrusca my house mate used to get plastered on ? Give me a beer, vodka, rum, scotch, ... anyday !
  3. I suggest that you follow dontasciime's suggestion: This should help you identify whether there's an issue with the image (if it also won't burn successfully with other burning programs) or an incompatibility between your system and imgburn (if the image does burn successfully with another burn program). If it's the later however, it's not necessarily a problem with imgburn - may be hardware or other software configuration that is at issue.
  4. zacoz

    Strange Sites / Links

    db, are you trying to post "triffids" is every thread now ? http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?act=ST&...findpost&p=4397 http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?act=ST&...findpost&p=4382 http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?act=ST&...findpost&p=4289 http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?act=ST&...findpost&p=4148
  5. zacoz

    Strange Sites / Links

    What type of man would use one of these urinals ? http://www.clarkmade.com/show.html
  6. zacoz

    Strange Sites / Links

    The Day after the Night Before (Some nudity involved - not erotic unless you're very sick)
  7. Has your email been getting boring - spice it up a bit at Pee-mail.com
  8. Do you have to hop on one leg and chant while doing this spinningwheel ?
  9. Isn't this the skills test prospective management candidates in Japan needs to pass before appointment. This ensures they have the necessary skills to ass r@pe the pleb workers.
  10. What's this, an honest politician ? It's just so hard to believe that a pollie will keep all his election promises. We can only live in hope.
  11. Yeah only cos she had to wash his jeans after his little "incident" in the truck Having ended up at Clinks after the fact, I had always assumed the "Depends" talk had come from someone taking something jmet had posted out of context. Now I'm beginning to wonder if there's a little more too it Looking a bit short these days too jmet.
  12. zacoz

    copy protection

    Written under my pen name - taking advanced orders now
  13. Think we'll stick to the shrimp on the barbe and a XXXX here. [Edit: that is, a carton of XXXX]
  14. They definately wouldn't stick around long and are probably in need of a box of laxatives and jmet's favourite product.
  15. That's just a standard Windoze feature to encourage you to fork over your hard earned cash for the latest version of Windoze. Looking at it another way, it's punishment for NOT having forked out to M$ lately.
  16. Quite good Shamus. Love a good "Toad Popper's Run" myself. After a spot of rain there's so many out that it's hard to keep count how many you actually pop. Never tried a Toad Enhanced Durrie
  17. Try boxers instead of briefs then.
  18. We've had 3 seasons of "Dancing with the Stars" here in Oz now (wife unfortunately never misses it). It's quite amazing just how far through the competition the stars who can't dance to save their life actually get.
  19. I recall a story with similar warnings etc a year or so ago, in the lead up to a previous summit.
  20. zacoz

    Name that Movie !

    Day of the Triffids was actually required reading during my first year in High School (12/13 year olds). We then watched the movie at the end of the term.
  21. For most of us this was gross quite a few posts ago.
  22. Hope no one minds if I bring the thread back towards being On Topic This website is sometimes good for a laugh: http://www.goodthingsfromspam.com/ "Genuine spam subject lines and what they really mean"
  23. zacoz

    copy protection

    Here you go blu...
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