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  1. Since you just want a backup of that drive meaning just the files on it, you don't need to mess with Advance > Bootable Disc settings. Just make a simple data disc and put all the files to disc.
  2. AUDIO_TS is a part of DVD standard. It has no use for DVD-Video. In rare occasions older standalone players will not play a disc that nas no AUDIO_TS folder in the structure. So it is better to have it there for playability compliance. AUDIO_TS was designed to accomodate the DVD-Audio files to deliver the high-fidelity audio content in DVD format. DVD-Audio is capable of delivering significant benefits over standard CD Digital Audio, not just in sound quality, but also in the delivery of additional bonus material and video clips. Obviously DVD-Video uses VIDEO_TS folder to store its files. AUDIO_TS would store the files for DVD-Audio. As the DVD-Audio format didn't caught to the large public there are not that many DVD-Audio discs released. At present, the DVD-Audio catalog includes several thousand titles ranging from Bach to Beethoven, Eric Clapton to Seal, Beatles to Queen... covering all sort of music genres, from classical concerts to rock, pop, jazz, etc. Not all standalone DVD players are capable of playing them as the manufacturers didn't bother to read the format due to the scarce public adoption. DVD-Audio has been described as "extinct" by 2007 as per Wikipedia
  3. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/24395-md5-doesnt-match-any-downloadable-installers/
  4. If you got it from ImgBurn mirror and the hash matches to what is posted in Download section you can safely ignore it.
  5. That's nonsense. Don't bother with that. Why do you want such thing? A bootable disc is to install operating system or to do other manipulation to the hard drive not to install Office or any other program that should be installed on a running system. Maybe describe in detail what you want to achiev so we can gude you.
  6. I tested them all and there is no problem with the download links. The file is the same by checksum just the file name is varying.
  7. All of the mirrors replaced your original installer with a modified version since the size and checksum is different (the same on all mirrors) from the original hosted on Mirror 7 Seems they removed OC... as BetaNews states: CLEAN INSTALL! No OC bundled
  8. I'm not familiar with BD burning as I don't own any BD related drive but most of the time it's the bad media. Although you got succes with some till now they tend to be hit and miss. All I can point you is that your USB drive have a newer firmware update. http://www.firmwarehq.com/download_2150-file_SE-506BB_TS01.exe.html Also you can try a cleaning disc in the drive or change to different media and try all the available write speeds. Usually Verbatim is the recommended ones.
  9. It's a known problem that most antivirus/security programs block the download or install of the current version of ImgBurn That is because the installer contains OpenCandy offer, that most of the antivirus/security detect as PUP (potentially unwanted program). You are not forced to install the offer, just go with the Custom install and opt not to install. (Even it is grayed out you can still use that option).
  10. Logs are saved automatically. You can acces saved logs via Help menu. If you have burned succesfully on those discs till now, try a drive cleaning. Try the other write speads available too. Try Verbatim MKM media to rule out the junk media.
  11. Options Tab > Tick Include hidden files and Include System Files
  12. Maybe your system is playing up. Shutdown and restart your system. The disc is from the recommended ones. Just drop the write speed to one of the supported but lower than MAX.
  13. Please make that request in this section http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/forum/8-imgburn-suggestions/ Maybe pointing to this thread for explaining beter the situation. Hopefully LIGHTNING UK! will consider it and will be fixed for the next build when it will be released.
  14. I read your post many times but my level of English can't put an order in it to understand it. I'll try to answer to some questions that I was able to extract from your post. Why sometimes need to use build mode to create an image fo a disc? - That is answerd by the prompt: Sorry using Read mode to create an image file from a multi-track DVD-Rom disc is not currently supported Then the Destination panel shows strange information of which one can't pick the source that contains the disk to image! - The Destination panel is to set the path to where you save the image not the place to "pick the source that contains the disk to image" For advanced function you should read the Guides - http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/6392-the-imgburn-functions/?p=66439
  15. Thank you for getting back with this followup so others having this problem can know where to look.
  16. No. Put a disc in the drive and look on the right panel of ImgBurn in the Device tab you should see the availables burning speeds. You can pick any one that is listed. One by one you should find one that is working good, hopefully. Than stick with that speed.
  17. WD is not using their proprietary cable, it's just a standard USB 3.0 A to Micro B data cable that incorporate both data and power connections in one plug. You can find them easy to buy. I get one 1,5 m long so I don't have to struggle to get to the back of the computer to plug the HDD with it's short cable provided.
  18. If other speeds or cleaning the drive don't work, try other media from diffrent brand. Usually Verbatim is the recommended ones.
  19. Usually that means the burner don't like that disc or isn't supported by it's firmware. Try with the latest firmware. http://www.firmwarehq.com/Samsung/SE-506BB/files.html Try cleaning the drive with a cleaning disc. Try other speeds supported.
  20. Oh, the "burn-proof" is not what you think it is. Is the acronym of Buffer Under Run-Proof. Read here what it is for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffer_underrun
  21. ianymaty


    DVD Flick can do chapters although is a little limmited to just set intervals or number of chapters. You can't set a chapter to a speciffic point in time say 00:07:42:16 (h:m:s:f) Read here http://www.dvdflick.net/guide/guide_new.pdf
  22. WU seems that cannot be trusted in any Windows. Here is what I use for Windows 7 but it helps with all current Windows http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/66243-WHDownloader-Download Here is Windows 10 Repository http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/57050-Windows-10-Hotfix-Repository On the main site you can find the Repository for other Windows and Office updates on their respective sections. Also there is an alternative to WU if you wanna try http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/64939-Windows-Update-MiniTool or https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/2d191bcd-3308-4edd-9de2-88dff796b0bc
  23. I remember the program can build a Video DVD even from the speciffic files (IFO, VOB, BUP) Just select the needed files and drag them to the project and the program will detect it as Video DVD files and offer to make adjustments and selfcreate VIDEO_TS folder.
  24. For software updates I just visit https://www.softexia.com/
  25. Usually that error means the drive don't like the disc you use. There seams to be an updated version of firmware for that drive (A101 vs A100 that currently is installed). It may fix it or not. (Isn't mentioned in the Fix area) http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=F1H8M You can try cleaning the drive with a cleaning disc if you have acces to one. (Don't buy it) Try use quality disc that is always recommended. (Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden)
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