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  1. Unless you're playing Jesus or Lazarus, my guess is you only get 1 life and it's game over!
  2. I saw this at a rental store for PS 2 on Thursday. I almost laughed out loud. Reminded me of the old NES days where most religious themed games were hacks of existing games and released on unlicensed, different colored cartridges that at best would load, at worst, could fry the Lock 10 chip.
  3. AMC plugged in a hard to find British movie for Halloween. Island Of The Burning Doomed, a Terrence Fisher, non-Hammer production starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, both in non-villain parts! It only seems to pop up once every 5 or 10 years, it seems. Last time I saw it was on TNT in 1995. Then, 5 years before on a local station, and a handful of times before 1985.
  4. dbminter

    Rocky Balboa

    How about Rocky Meets Rambo? "You shot him down. Why don't you try shooting me down?" RATATATATATATATATATATATATAT!
  5. Well, this one is fairly obvious, but, I'm not sure if the game has actually started yet.
  6. Unfortunately, recordable DVD is only a viable option when you have a finite, static video source. e.g. a video tape. They created DVD's at exactly 2 hours, but, they were smart enough to make VHS about 12 minutes longer. Because it has to be faced: TV programmers don't give a damn. Shows never start on the designated time, so, in order to tape a movie in a 2 hour block, with DVD, you're pretty much screwed. Until all DVD recorders have HD's in them to record to first and then to DVD, VHS recordable tapes are still a necessity.
  7. Yeah, I remember when TDK *USED* to be a good quality tape brand! They offered three "quality" levels, but, now, all they offer is standard. Which is even WORSE than their old standard now. You never know how much of the tape is going to be creased, IF tracking can even RECORDED on to the tape. If you buy packs of them, how many will have crushed plates, etc.
  8. For the 1950's, the effects were quite shocking, actually. Especially the brains oozing blood when shot.
  9. Probably closer to SLP T-200, since that would be a 10 hour tape.
  10. You're thinking of a black and white British movie called Fiend Without A Face, released on DVD by Criterion (NOT Anchor Bay Entertainment, sorry. At least, the R1 disc is Criterion.) And this coming from an American. The brains were stop motion affairs, with snail like eye stalks out of them, that would spring off of their coiled spines and wrap them around people's necks, strangling them. They made these hideous beating and gurgling sounds, and, when shot, oozed blood like a spout. Turns out the creatures were just physical manifestations of energy feeding of a local power plant. The brains were eventually stopped by shutting down the power, thus, they had no energy to feed off of and, as such, no real bodies. US poster: http://www.hammerposters.com/pics/us10350.jpg
  11. Saw an ad on TV for this and I had to laugh! Since it's Halloween time, it's also time for TV networks and stores to drag out the old monster movies. A mail order ad was just on for 50 classic horror movies on DVD. Now, of course, these are muddy public domain transfers of public domain pictures you've seen hundreds of times in stores: Night Of The Living Dead, House On Haunted Hill, The Last Man On Earth, The Giant Gila Monster, etc. In fact, this very same 50 movie collection can be bought at K-Mart right now! For the same price, without having to pay the shipping. Now, 50 movies for $20 might be a good deal until you hear this. This 50 movie set comes... on FOUR DVD's! Even if each movie was only 1 hour long, that's, when you factor in that few of these films are just over an hour, that's over 10 movies on each disc! Can you imagine how high the compression rate must be to fit that much video on a disc?!
  12. Care to curse me with yours, then,lfc?
  13. This was what created those New Zealand scientists trying to find their escaped rat from that other post.
  14. I need a way to find the file icon or the file containing an icon for a file association. In this case, the icon associated with diskmgmt.msc in c:\windows\system32. The Disk Management plug in for MMC, aka Computer Management. Normally, I'm used to icons being separate files, .ICO, in .EXE's or in DLL's. This case, I don't know where it is. A shortcut to this file gives it an icon that's not in SHELL32.DLL, etc. nor in the Microsoft Management Console that calls the MSC file. There are no icons in the MSC file that IconShop could find and trying to load it in the shortcut to get the icon returns that it has no icons. So, I can only guess that the particular file name is associated with an icon. .MSC is associated, in File Types, with an entirely different icon because that association is for the .EXE. Any ideas? EDIT: Found it totally by accident. Accidentally clicked on the wrong DLL to get another icon. But, my question still stands. Is there a convenient way to find them?
  15. Bootable data discs are also multi-track discs, I believe.
  16. So, should it be spelled Cok now?
  17. Isn't Pepsi trademarked?
  18. I do remember her, but, only from Bloodbath At The House Of Death, which also had Kenny. But, mostly, I remember, no, not the knockers but Vincent Price in that. By name, I mean. I might recognize her boobs, though.
  19. After going over the link given, I am beginning to think it was "The Kenny Everett Video Show." It appears that "The Kenny Everett Show" was something on a different network and ran only for a few episodes. Hot Gossip sounds familiar so they were probably the band. Captain Kremmin, without seeing any of the footage, though, sounds about right. But, was the Captain on both shows?
  20. Some of those are from the old newer batch.
  21. It aired in local reruns in my area paired with Benny Hill in the 9 to 11 PM slot. Don't ask me where they found it because I've never seen it again. I believe it was hosted by Kenny Everett. I remember that it was mostly a collection of sketches with some music numbers breaking in, like Benny Hill. What I remember most was a sort of running gag cartoon feature that was parodying Buck Rogers and the like sci-fi shows. The animation was, I think, in the Terry Gilliam style, cut out type cardboard animation, but, I am reaching back into the really early 80's here. Any ideas? Thanks!
  22. Oh, that's so corny! Anyway, time to pull out an old board trick, but, I think it may very well be the first time I've used it here. Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Whoopty doo! Whoopty doo! May it be pleasant! OPEN UP YOUR PRESENT! Just for you! Just for you!
  23. dbminter

    Rocky Balboa

    One of the few likable aspects of Rocky IV was the musical score. I met the man who wrote and recorded it, actually. A fellow named Vince DiCola.
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