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  1. Movie junkie is spot on. If you look at the time taken to reinitialize the disc you just burnt, it's about 20 minutes, which means the drive was having trouble reading the disc. Do yourself a favor and get some verb +R/DL discs as suggested by MJ.
  2. Yeah, I checked the site also LFC, there is nothing listed at all. @strongo, maybe a call to Dell support?
  3. Aww, you smoothy kev, almost as smooth as those verbs Donna is about to try.
  4. Kenadjian

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday shamus, have a great day mate.
  5. If I'm reading you right, you just make the folder of your choice, then copy and paste the files you want with in it, just with explorer or something.
  6. You don't, they are region free as they are.
  7. Nah, after a certain age you don't worry about that either.
  8. Thank you very much guys, I can't believe another year has gone by, they seem to go so fast after a certain age.
  9. Your drive seems to be having problems reading back the disc it just burnt, I checked your fimware, and seems to be up to date, how does it go with SL media? Maybe tell us more about your system?
  10. Lol, there is your problem right there, you bought -R media, your drive only supports +R media. Yep, just get some +R media, (and yes make sure they're verbs)
  11. I can't help you with that one I'm afraid, you'll have to refer to the help file of the app you're using, the most important thing is to use good quality media, and I'm afraid CMC MAG isn't one of them.
  12. Ok, a couple of things. 1) the media you've got is very poor, (CMC MAG) it's about the worst out there, please change these to Verbs with MCC dye, or taiyo Yudens. 2) you might want to comprees your image a bit more, you're are dangerously close to the outer edge of the disc, where most failures occur.
  13. Go to help on the menu, then click on ImgBurn Logs, then simply copy and paste the content with your next post.
  14. Did you download the EXE from the official site? If not, download it again. It does sound like a virus though.
  15. That's very strange, for the order of the HDD to give you such problems, but wierd things do happen, glad you fixed it. Merry Xmas.
  16. There seems to be a mixture of problems, best thing to do, to remove guess work is always post a log from your burn attempt, simply copy and paste it with your next post. If the drive is failing to be locked for exclusive access, it's probably due to another app having a handle on the drive, make sure you close everything that would be using the drive, if you have packet writing software such as InCd, uninstall it. Please post the log for a full diagnostics.
  17. Mmm, other than this, I don't see anywhere where you mention they were Verbs with MCC dye. Now, just because they are verbs, doesn't mean they'll work every time with every burner, however they have a much better chance in most cases. If your drive for some reason doesn't like them (this can happen) try some other good quality media such as TY's, even changing from -R to +R in verbs with MCC dye could do the trick for you.
  18. Good on ya mate, I'm just about to light the webber and the spit, it'll be a big day with people coming from England for Xmas dinner. Merry Xmas to you all.
  19. Like all the above posts, it's the physical make up of the -R/DL discs that make them crap for movies, not the quality of them. It's a set layer break that can not be altered, so if your movie doesn't fall within that speck, you can not do anything to alter it. This is why in the guides section corny says use +R/DL not -R.
  20. You are dead right about this one, I just did one, and it remained +RW, bloody hell, you just can't win.
  21. I don't think it matters what country you're from, they're all the f'n same, I remember spending half a day putting my shit back together after the misus decided to clean behind the stereo unit.
  22. Yup the default works fine here too.
  23. Merry Xmas to you all, nice to see you back kirk.
  24. More info please boss, when you say 'automatic', the user still chooses the book type, then it's there for ever? (until you change it). Or, the app will query the drive, and if it returns Samsung or LG, it will automaticly set the book type without user intervention?
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