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  1. @ Altercuno I think when LUK made this topic he actually expected sensible comments that can be added into the program
  2. Although a small point make the donate button more visible as well
  3. Any DVD authoring tool will do it, Tmpeg Enc. is one, although it's not a free program a quick search in google will find one
  4. Jill


    kewloldman you might want to edit your email address out of your post or you'll be spammed sensless, does the DVD play in a standalone player ?
  5. Welcome Kevin, if you read the any of the guides in this link http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showforum=4 they will explain what each function does and for what purpose you use them, i.e verify does just that verifies the image you have made to one already on your HD or DVD and build builds an image, say from a video TS folder into an ISO which you can then use the write function to burn it to disc, as i said read the guides they explain it better and in more detail
  6. This still applies. I agree with Clink! Instead of fighting this woman all the time, maybe you could show her you can be a good neighbor instead...if you remember how. Your actions, at least the ones you claim to have done, are every bit as childish, if not more so, than anything she's done. well said Bill, I fell asleep after the first post but one thing you forgot Bill is to be a good neighbor you have to be all grown up and act like an adult, because I'm sure hiding in sheds and taking pictures and pointing web cams (connected or otherwise) is not a neighborly thing especially since the woman is retired, and by accusing her boyfriend of being something (wife killer, I think were the exact words) that we all can't actually establish has just totally set himself (kirk) up for a possible lawsuit, especially if the boyfriend has had these accusations dropped in the mail and addressed to the neighbors house
  7. Some people here need to grow up, your supposed to be grown mature adults and your all acting like little five year olds YOU ALL NEED TO HAVE MORE RESPECT FOR THIS FORUM THE USERS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THE OWNER, LIGHTNING I know the chat section is a place where we can say anything but it is not a place for a political arena, you seem to have dug your trenches on either side and are firing shots at each other and forgetting about the people in the middle, which is us, most of us don't want to listen to political dribble if we did we'd go watch it elsewhere, NOT HERE so for christ sake have some sympathy for the rest of us that would rather not watch the train wreck and take your fight elsewhere, no one person will see eye to eye when it comes to politics if we did there would be no need for different political parties because we'd all agree, so drop it because no ones going to change anyone else's view on things. And for those of you who are adding fuel to the fight, and you know who you are without names mentioned, stop and think this is not your forum it is again Lightnings forum so have some respect for him and the users that do come here for help, can you imagine what you all look like to the new users ?.
  8. As corny say's it is an authoring program that makes it loop. And there are many free ones out there to try, but also be wary those free ones have limited capabilities and also have faults, but if your willing to spend time and work through those try them there are lot's around. Now if you want to purchase one there are some good ones out there also, I puchased one because I couldn't be bothered with all the crap to fix other things now I use one to encode and one to author and in the time I've had them i've never had a problem, well maybe one or two minor one's but nothing big. But if your into the free one's try them but be willing to try quite a few before you find what suits you.
  9. An if you used dovetail joints instead you would have eliminated the need for all those screws and it would have held together a lot better and been a lot more sturdier
  10. @ Bill and Shamus @ Lightning that's a gross thought :& but this year if you see her Happy Birthday Lightning hope it's a good one
  11. I think NTSC uses 24 fps while PAL is 30 fps. The system used in America & Canada is called "NTSC". Western Europe and Australia use a system called "PAL"
  12. Brand new Samsung LCD TV and bought new Philips DVD player as well. All DVD movies play fine except this one. I burned it with Imgburn. Nothing to do with equipment. Plays in full color on PC. On the PC the sound is a bit low and slow to respond after pause and restart. But nothing other than that. So could it be the file, the burn, the DVD, or something else? I never messed with region of the DVD burned with defaults. Wow first he did then he didn't guess he has no idea what the hell he's doing bloody nut job
  13. Jill

    5000 members

    I don't think LUK would let on to anyone where he lives remember when Jersey lost that truck full of (that is from the old DD days) and LUK found it I think he still has some left and I don't think he's sharing it
  14. I do turn the power off to the burner and windows does comeback (sadly) and I know it's not ImgBurn that does it I was hoping there was something I could do on this PC to stop it happening
  15. Now I'll try to keep this short and clear, sometimes ok a lot of times recently when trying to burn an ISO my pc (laptop) freezes and does absolutely zip, it stops in write mode as well as verify mode so it's not choosey the time/counter keeps going just the write/verify mode goes down to 0 and nothing else happens, so all I get is lots of coasters, now I know your going to say post a log and I would if I could but when it freezes the only way I can do anything is to shut down ImgBurn so it never keeps the log and I can't save one so whats the problem ? I can tell you the burner is a Benq 1655 that is an external DVD burner run in an enclosure with a firewire connection
  16. Jill


    Again there's that technically jargon Corny is a little indisposed at the moment fighting with a Raid0 4 disc array but will return very shortly and yes he does have a watercooled system so @ Dave if you wait until he's back online he can answer your questions
  17. Jill

    ImgBurn Forum Problem

    Whoa another technical term now we have two
  18. Jill

    ImgBurn Forum Problem

    Very technically quote there LUK thingy you know Tiger if clearing the cache thingy didn't work you can always try emptying the whosie whats it thingy ma jig
  19. Pain Man never said he'd seen it or believed it happened he took it from a book of Aussie slang, there are in all forces of all countries weird rituals they practice in initiation and that can't be denied by anyone, some have practiced in it others haven't, but it doesn't mean to say it doesn't exist, but what does exist on this "chat" "post anything you want topic" is the constant picking by the same individual/individuals on the same individual, it sets a mighty fine example over this forum. soggy sao is an Australian Navy Custom where men on a ship gather around a table, place SAO in the middle and all ejaculate around it. The last person to ejaculate must eat the sao
  20. Those closest to LUK know who he is and he prefers to keep it that way, he's not offering his soul for our personal use and he prefers to keep his private life to himself all we need to know is that he's a decent guy trying to help others for no return except the thought he's helped someone with his program. P.S. excuse the wording, I'm tired
  21. I've been using it the last couple of days and seems to work fine here
  22. @ Groundrush I think it's more like, til lykke med f?dselsdagen korn
  23. And I see you double posted that gets your post count up 1 more @ Clink don't take it to heart, I'll hang out with you here at the bottom of the heap and I heard Jersey was coming round to keep us company, just don't eat the yellow snow
  24. Jill

    Hard drive buffers

    @ Painman if you want to destroy a hard drive give it to me, I've blown 2 hard drives in less than a week 420gb lost
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