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    cannot add file to folder

    it does not matter if i have duplicate file optimization --------------------------- ImgBurn --------------------------- Cannot add file to folder! File: '01 - ANDA MATAME.mp3' Folder: '\A\ANTHONY SANTOS\2006 ALBUM\' Reason: A file with that name already exists. --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
  2. dirio49

    Anti-Virus Scanners

    i tried that one, but very resource intensive. i tried avg, it was ok. i like avast.
  3. dirio49

    Invalid UDF entity identifier.

    did you pm him your email?
  4. Sometimes you try to read or verify and the disk has a lot of errors. it would me nice to have the option to auto ignore/skip the bad sector. thanks later
  5. I guess that would me. so what do i have to do?
  6. This was if you have a folder that has some files non consistent, you would know if imgburn pick it up as a dvd or not. later
  7. dirio49

    Bug in imgburn preview

    The movie is saw IV unrated. As you can see in the pic the pgcedit one can preview it but imageburn one cannot. i just test around because during the layer break preview was not working. so this is just a test. I open both previews and just dragged the same file to see if would preview the file. and the result can be seen. I could not reproduce it. i think it might have to do with the open handles. and all. sorry
  8. dirio49

    Layer Break Preview in write mode

    hello,LUK just wondering what version of the preview are you using the latest is 2.8, but i have no idea if Jeanl has done the same fix to latest version or are they somewhat different What is new in 2.8 . Thanks to Jeanl, the preview has now some audio support, including under Linux and Wine. It can play only the AC3 and LPCM streams. Later
  9. dirio49

    Happy Birthday blutach!

    Happy Birthday, BLU may this be the best blu birthday ever. enjoy
  10. dirio49

    Language selection!

    is it just me, but i cannot find the traslation file. thanks
  11. Did try pgcedit? and see what it told you? Here is the link to the guide. http://www.digital-digest.com/~blutach/dl_..._pgcedit_v2.htm
  12. Well, you can do what Blu suggested. you have to slit a cell with Vobblanker and you should be good. (As to what cell to split.I have no idea, I sure blu would know ) I think pgcedit might help, to find the cell that you need to split. give it a try.
  13. dirio49

    Funny vid

    What a crazy video. Did the guy really get killed?
  14. dirio49


    Come on guys keep playing. this is fun
  15. dirio49


    Hey, this is a fun thread. I don't this is polluting the forum
  16. dirio49

    burning .gi file

    Deamon Tools http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/download.p...ory&catid=5
  17. dirio49


    Hello. Sorry to interupt. what does mean? thanks
  18. dirio49

    A Few Things

    I would like that too. i think LUK said he was going to implement that suggestion here is the link http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=4003
  19. dirio49

    Directory Depth Greater than 8 Bug?

    LUK, i did a test for fun and explorer can read more than 17 level of directories, but the problem is that the file length must not exceed 255 charaterts. I tested with 85 folders, with the folder name being just one charater and all was ok in Imgburn and exporer. But what you changed in Imgburn, makes it even better. Thanks http://www.markwilson.co.uk/blog/2005/11/w...mes-on-ntfs.htm _2_.7z
  20. dirio49

    Still dont get build mode (Data DVD)

    All you do is add the files or folders you want to burn. And burn. There is your data disk.
  21. dirio49

    Disk copy mode

    Read mode is in Imgburn too. This would just add to that function. Nero and plenty of other programs have this option. And they are doing fine. I find this funny, you can vote for yourself and not for blu
  22. dirio49

    Add version level to window label

    yeah, i was hoping you would say that LUK . i hate the number at the top of program, at least for Imgburn.
  23. dirio49

    Zero filling harddrives

    I am still waiting
  24. dirio49

    ImgBurn v2.3.2.0 Released!

    thanks For the new version :)

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