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  1. dirio49

    Some Good Programs

    Nice find.
  2. dirio49

    Unplayable DVDs

    I would say was pgcedit to make the iso, dvdshrink remevos the layerbreak.
  3. dirio49

    Relative merits of using each I/O Interface

    you are right, i have that group policy enabled, and i never knew about it or what it really was doing. I must have played around with it, trying to maximize security. BTW do you think that is a safe thing do.
  4. dirio49

    Relative merits of using each I/O Interface

    I never had any problem with spti and limited users. it always worked.
  5. dirio49

    Burn DATA DVDs or DATA CDs?

    Right on target.
  6. dirio49

    Firefox Extensions

    Here is a list of my extentsions Items processed: 35 total 1. AutocompleteManager{1.1} 2. AdblockFiltersetGUpdater{} 3. NoGo{1.0} 4. Reveal{1.0.6} 5. UpdateChannelSelector{1.0.1} 6. ViamaticfoXpose{0.3} 7. ClearPrivateData(Add-Ons){0.2} 8. FlashGot{} 9. TabPreview{0.3} 10. antipagination{2005.12.21} 11. PasteandGo{0.4.3} 12. Linkification{1.2.3} 13. PDFDownload{0.6} 14. GmailNotifier{} 15. FirefoxExtensionBackupExtension(FEBE){2.0.1} 16. PasswordMaker{1.5.1} 17. Stop-or-ReloadButton{0.2} 18. CuteMenus-CrystalSVG{1.1} 19. TranslatePage{0.1} 20. NoScript{} 21. IETab{1.0.9} 22. BookmarkDuplicateDetector{0.4.1} 23. Fasterfox{1.0.3} 24. JavaScriptOptions{1.2.4} 25. AdblockPlus{} 26. DownloadStatusbar{0.9.4} 27. TabMixPlus{} 28. DownThemAll{} 29. MenuEditor{1.2} 30. CustomizeGoogle{0.48} Themes backed up: (3 total) 1. SilverSkin{2.6.6} 2. Aquatint{1.6.4} 3. Noia20(eXtreme){3.12} LOL
  7. dirio49

    Firefox Extensions

    That is a sweet site too bad i have most of them installed.
  8. dirio49

    ImgBurn v1.3.0.0 Released!

    Yeah, Thanks.
  9. dirio49

    Any way to edit Chapter points ??

    there is a progam by the same author, i think it is called vobidchanger. Look at his website. AddChapter Brief description - Adds one or more blank/custom chapters at the end of the selected PGCs in a VOB Release Data Executable Sources Current Release 1202 19-December-2004 AddChapter_1202_exe.zip AddChapter_1202_src.zip Changelog v - Added: Drag & Drop and "open with" abilities - BugFix: Cell type value changed to 2 instead 10 in the added cells. VIDChanger Brief description - Changes the VID/CID of a single cell or changes all VID/CID in the VOB in a sequential mode. Release Data Executable Sources Current Release 1203 02-November-2004 VIDChanger_1203_exe.zip VIDChanger_1203_src.zip Changelog v - Added: Popup log window at the end of Full VOB processing - Improved: Input and output folder coincidence check. http://jsoto.posunplugged.com/dvdtools.htm
  10. dirio49

    Any way to edit Chapter points ??

    What about VobBlanker?
  11. dirio49


    Happy Birthday
  12. dirio49

    new version

    Here is what LUK said in the bug section hope it helps http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtop...071entry13071
  13. dirio49

    Verify against file?

    Double post. sorry.
  14. dirio49

    Verify against file?

    you can always disable compare to file. and It will just read the disk and make sure it is readable.
  15. dirio49

    Verify against file?

    Depends. By default it compares against the file. Isn't that the same as reading the file?
  16. dirio49

    DVD Still "Mounted" After Burn

    I think is just a windows thing. I get it with are things too. even if I put a disk and take it out it does the same thing.
  17. dirio49


    a dvd+r can only get up to 4.47gb i think. That is the problem, it tells you the file is to big.
  18. dirio49

    re-try option

    Question, (maybe a bit off topic ) If you check delete image, and the burn fails, is the image deleted? or if the verify fails, does it delete the image? Thanks.
  19. dirio49

    No sound

    No problem between powerdvd and K-Lite Mega Codecs pack, and media player classis ( i just love it, excellent player) have both installed. Everythink, a OK.
  20. dirio49

    Blonde Logic

  21. dirio49


    I think LUK tried to fix it but, no luck so far. you just have to uncheck, in the settings Device-> uncheck disable media change notification.
  22. dirio49

    Constant Buffer Underruns with

    Done testing what?
  23. dirio49

    An Irish Story


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