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  1. Hi

    Welcome to the ImgBurn support Forum :)


    although we will help you as best we can, unfortunately, a nero log file is about as much use as a very used piece of toilet paper to us or even a chocolate watch on a sunny day ! . As we all use ImgBurn, none of us would be able to tell you what went wrong form the Nero log file.


    We can all guess for hours as to whats wrong , but instead of wasting your time and ours , Its best you post a log file of an ImgBurn session :thumbup: Like what the pink banenr at the top of this page suggests .


  2. Firmware on my computer is version 1.33, but I get the same error.

    Same drive is what I have (HP DVD Movie Writer DC4000 / HP DVD Writer 420n.


    It burns like a breeze on Memorex DVD media. I am running out of them, so I bought a RITEKM16. I saw on some forums that RITEK media is a good one, and found a deal on some online shop.. bought a 100 pack and tried three already, nothing working.

    I am trying to write an ISO file to this DVD using DVD Decrypter


    Any help, will be appreciated. Thanks.


    mmalves wrote that back in November, so have a look and see if theres been another update for that drive since then, and if so, upgrade.

    Sadly it wasent on THIS forum where someone stated that ritek was a 'good' media . opinion amongst the team in here is that Ritek is anaverage to below average media these days. you wnat decent stufff like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media.


    We cant help you with DVDDec I'm afraid, support for that finished ages ago . if you was to use ImBurn, then we may be able to help

    try posting a log file of a failed burn , as per the pink banner at the top of here, and we might be able to help you more :)

  3. more than likely its the actual brand of discs you used ,or more specific, the dye/ink on them , but without a log file we are just guessing.

    What brand of discs are your dual layer ones ? and what write speeds are shown on them or the packaging ?

  4. for firmware go to hp.com , then search thru the support pages. there's about 20 variations of your laptop, so check the EXACT model number.

    Although its a pioneer drive, you wont get support from them as its a HP fitment.


    If theres a firmware update, it 'may' allow you to use the ritek discs youve got, but youd be better to buy verbatims for DL work as spinner said above,the riteks are rubbish


    laptop drives are not the best, you would be better off with a decent external usb writer

  5. .......This error has nothing to do with the file being to large for the CD right?


    Class act >_<


    why did you ignore the message "W 18:40:55 User accepted disc space warning and is attempting to overburn!"

    that would have beeen the giveaway really :rolleyes:


    Your downloading xbox games then saying you cant afford the discs to put them on ............ :whistling:

  6. I'm interested to know why you would have the need to add folders to a project once the project is started ?


    Dont forget ImgBurn was developed to burn Images, which as i said are usually within there own container, wether it be a dvd with VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders or an ISO ,an .IMG file.


    If its for data, then surely you'd have already decided what you want to put on a disc, and already have it on your hdd "ready to burn" so to speak ?

  7. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by i haven't managed to figured out how i can create Folders in my CD/DVDs


    dont forget, we dont use Nero so cannot compare it.


    normally you would just burn data by build mode and drag and drop your folders into the source box , or select them with the from folder and use the Drop Zone feature.

    If you mean create new folders within existing folders for data , its just as easy to do that within windows before you use ImgBurn to create your project.


    If your on about video/dvd projects , then 9 times out of 10 your authoring/encoding program will create the necassary folders to make it dvd-compliant for you ( VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders).


    If i have'nt understood what you mean properley, please explain it a bit more :thumbup:

  8. However I took the same iso put it on another computer using the same external hard drive on that system and its work COMPLETELY FINE!


    So nothing to do with a differant operating system or components or set up of the other machine then ? bet the other was on win XP :thumbup:


    unless its like for like, your comparison between 2 machines means very little


    post the successful log file from the other computer


    not ALL discs work on ALL drives !

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