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  1. What was that for? I read that before posting my topic and I already have 8x DVD+R DL Verbatim ones, made in Singapore.



    Then read again, and pay attention this time :rolleyes:



    But I've been using these discs before (8x) and it has worked fine.


    the thread you read before posting mentions 2.4x verbs, not 8x ones. It means you must have MKM-003 and not MKM-001's

  2. Dont be under the assumption that ALL dvd's can be read by ALL dvd drives and players, it dont work that way im afraid.

    by going with whats considered to be the better end of the media quality scale, you will get nearer to the 100% all media will work in all drives/players scenario.


    Its a case of find what media works best with your writers and all your players, ...........then stick to it :thumbup: unfortunately you ( we ) have to got thru the process of finding what works first

  3. If you know the sony will play -R discs, i would stick with them as opposed to buying +R ( does the samsung play +R format discs ?)


    As the discs play fine on the samsung, it suggests it is a media problem as Loco said, and most likely its just down to the sony not liking the verbatims you have.


    can you post a log file of a burn that worked on the samsung and failed to play on the sony ?

    you will find the logs under the HELP button >ImgBurn Logs , just copy and paste into a post on here


  4. And you think you know better than the person who wrote ImgBurn? <_<


    You aren't using the latest version of the program, you've messed with the program's settings when there was no need to do so, and still think it couldn't possibly ever be a media problem when your burner told you there was a Write Error?


    But it is ALMOST xmas :thumbup:

  5. unless you buy good/quality media, you can get 1 disc burns then the next fail all thw way thru the spindle of them


    laptop drive are not the ebst in the world to be honest ( can safely say it as ive had 5 laptops thatw ere crap at burning)

    If your going to be wanting to write many discs, I would advise you to invest in a good external USB writer to add to your notebook/laptop, as there much better than the internal drive .


    Its worth looking to see if there's a firmware update for your drive though

  6. it does look like a dvd authoring problem , and yes, you do need an .IFO file for the standalone player to recognise it .

    whatever your using to create the source file, leave its ( complete) output in the VIDEO_TS folder.

    then, with ImgBurn

    use build mode, and select the parent folder that contains the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder and you should be fine.

  7. DVD Decrypter tells me there isn't enough space to burn this game. It says the dvd only has 2,295,104 sectors and the game is 2,295,740 sectors.

    I still did continue with the lowest i have (2,4x) hopefuly it will be ok?...


    Ermm , we all use ImgBurn to burn discs in this forum :rolleyes:

  8. my question about how much do you compress the project by with shrink was because skipping and freezing on playback is a known result of overcompression. just letting it run on AUTO compression in shrink does not rule out over compression though !

    the only other symptoms that cause the playback you describe are the player not liking the actual disc ( dye/ink on the disc) its trying to play.

    Theres a slim possibility that its the laser wearing on the PS causing the freeze and stutter on playback.


    You need to stick to one brand/type of disc to eliminate the problem being caused by the media. By changing to all differant brands all the time we can't eliminate the possibility of it being low quality media thats the cause of the playback problem. follow mmalves advice above for which ones.

    A pc that burnt the disc will usually play it back OK, even when a standalone player refuses to.( unless the disc is SO bad in quality)


    out of the four brands you mentioned you use,theres only 1 of them i would consider using.thats the verbatims, even then verbatim have used CMC and Ritek on -R discs, which is recognised as poor quality ink/dye.,


    Im even wondering if this is a TV broadcast format issue , like playing a PAL TV on a NTFS system( or vice versa) . I know you can use a workaround on a PS so it will play well, but a PC isnt as fussy what TV format the source is in and will play it back without problem, whereas a standalone dvd and TV may struggle.

  9. to affirm whats been said about the quality of media, especiallly when its dual layer stuff

    3 links below for ritek dye, cmc dye ,verbatim dye and on dual layer discs.

    look how many people have posted there opinions to each dye, then check what the "Good/Mixed/Poor comments are


    Ritek D01 dye here = 15 comments , 6 say good, 9 say poor = 60% say media is below average


    CMC MAG D01 dye here = 34 comments, 12 good, 10 mixed, 13 poor = 51% say media is below average


    verbatim MKM-001 dye ( the one we recomend) AND ive only used the genuine verbatim brand, see bottom of list here = 145 comments , 4 good , 0 mixed , 0 poor = 0% say media is below average


    and if you work on all the brands using MKM 001 , = 180 comments ,21 good , 6 mixed , 1 poor = 14 % say media is below average.


    The ritek dye in the link above is what your currently using = 40% good discs

    CMC Mag dye ( in some TDK discs you was going to buy) = 49% good discs

    verbatim branded MKM-001 dye ( what we recomend for D/L) = 100% good discs

    verbatim dye on any brand of media = 86% good discs


    the details are from a well known site that has held media quality reports for a good few years now, and anyone can post there own findings on media on there.

    so you buy whatever discs you like, but i suggest you follow the recomendation to get verbatim 2.4x MKM-001 (MIS) as backed up by the statistics on that site.


    You wont be the first to disbelieve that the media can be so important , and we are saying spend more money on better discs, but past findings say verbs are the only disc to use with DL projects. nothing else even comes close in comparisson.

  10. i burned this based on the opnion that slowest method avaialbe is always the best choice.


    that used to be the case when burners first became available, but now it depends on your own set up . writer/media/dvd player.

    Some of the latest drives dont like burning slowly , and prefer 12x and 16x on DV5 -R discs.

    try both discs as you said, and if the 4x burn is ok on the ps2 , then you can use those discs at 4x every time in the future.

    Its all about finding what works best for your system, then sticking with it

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