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  1. see how the Lg drive only recognises the discs write speeds as Supported Write Speeds: 1x, 2x

    whereas the other drive sees them as Supported Write Speeds: 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x


    the LG just doesnt like those lazer discs your using.


    What happens with a decent brand of media , like verbatim, taiyo yuden ect ect


    I think LUK meant a disc that the LG drive in the desktop has already burnt, not a disc the laptop has burnt

    ]Can you also please tell me if it does the same thing when you put in a disc you've already burnt?


    Desktop - using a disk burnt by the laptop:
  2. Nero Problems ?......read on


    First thing you need is to get a decent Burning program,

    so get your money back from Nero and download ImgBurn instead,available from -> Official ImgBurn Download page HERE


    Then and ONLY then , can we help you with any burning issues .


    If your daft enough to ask for support for Nero in the ImgBurn support forum, then we are daft enough to answer you :rolleyes: , EXCEPT you wont like the answers you get :whistling:

  3. 2 x 200gb hdd's ??


    I'm wondering if your having overheating issues on 1 of the hdd's

    I say that because i did with a 2 x hdd laptop, and like you i could burn to an external drive with no problem.

    Poor chassis design of laptops cause overheat issues.

  4. looking at your log file

    I 22:58:17 Contents: 22 Files, 0 Folders


    it 'seems' that your trying to make a DVD out of non-DVD compliant files.


    You know you have to convert avi,xvid,divx files with other software first before imgburn can make a DVD compliant disc of them dont you ? otherwise you end up with a normal data dvd/disc that only your PC will recognise


    when youve converted the files you should end up with 2 folders, a VIDEO_TS folder and a AUDIO_TS folder. the VIDEO_TS folder will have several files in it, like .ifo,.bup,.vob

  5. I 16:49:07 ImgBurn Version started!

    I 16:50:36 Destination Device: [2:0:0] TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552L 0614 (E:) (ATA)

    I 16:50:36 Destination Media Type: DVD+R DL (Disc ID: RITEK-S04-66) (Speeds: 2.4x)

    I 16:50:36 Write Speed: 4x


    UPDATE to ImgBurn v for a start, your behind the times with your version


    change to verbatim 2.4x media with ID of MKM-001 made in Singapore, there the best for DL as we recomend


    set your write speed to one thats listed in the speeds part of the log, you had 4x for discs that your drive can only write to at 2.4x


    check for firmware updates for your drive

  6. I doubt the lens is dirty since it came out of its antistatic bag a little over 12 hours ago.


    How do I tell whether my discs are from India or Singapore?


    Even if the discs are from India, there's no way I'm getting 12 coasters from 12 attempts!


    "I" doubt the lense is dirty as well , but its another one of those things worth checking that can be fixed easily.


    Discs are usually marked on the packaging, good online stores tell you country of origin in the items description

  7. Since this post is 2 years old,


    Bit baffled why someone even answered a post that is 2 years old !


    I'm more concerned that I cant see any questions relating to ImgBurn in the post either.


    The fact of the matter is the OP didnt know how to use the software in the first part of the process properly,then failed in there quest with the 2nd piece of software as well .Neitehr of those pieces of software are supported are by the ImgBurn support forum.

    The Imgurn forum does not have anything to do with ripping discs, (only burning issues) ,and for legal reasons in Europe

    we CANNOT, WILL NOT and DONT WANT TO talk about any part of ripping.Normally at this point i would say " Google is your friend" if you want to know why those rules apply >_<


    The fact that Cornholio posted an answer (he could of easily ignored the post) was a help to the OP ,AND it was to point him where to do research on his problem, so where the lecture comes from i dont really know ?

  8. I have not tried writing SL discs since my objective is to have DL writing capability.

    point being to find out if the drive IS screwed or not, process of elimination

    The discs are marked 2.4x and these are the exact discs that LIGHTNING_UK suggests on the front page sticky to use Verbatim discs (MKM-001-00). It is curious that you mention how there is no 2.4x explicitly recognized by imgburn, but again referencing from LIGHTNING_UK's sticky post, the MKM-001-00 discs can be written at 8X by newer drives (which I believe mine to be). I have tried hardsetting the write speed to 2x, 2.4x and AUTO (MAX).

    Again they are 'marked' 2.4x , maybe newer drives will write them faster, but as yours is a new drive we dont know that yet DO WE ?, where was they made ( i asked earlier for a reason, India or Singapore ?)

    Does the fact that each burn fails at an early sector indicate anything?


    Yes, it means the drive is struggling to write to those discs

    W 19:07:08 Failed to Write Sectors 163520 - 163551 - Reason: Write Error

    W 19:09:13 Retry Failed - Reason: Invalid Address For Write

    E 19:09:17 Failed to Write Sectors 163520 - 163551 - Reason: Write Error

    E 19:09:17 Next Writable Address: 163017

    the drive thinks that it can STILL write to a part its already written to '163017' , notice it got to 163520 when it errored out .

    and the same in the first log you posted

    E 11:33:33 Failed to Write Sectors 21344 - 21375 - Reason: Write Error

    E 11:33:33 Next Writable Address: 20839

    i reckon youve got either

    discs made in India


    your drive needs changing ( RMA )


    it could even be a dirty lense on the drive


    dirty discs.

    Personally, i would return the drive ( while you can) and get a better branded one thats known to be reliable with DL verbs

  9. its a normal write error, which means the drive just dont like those discs.

    Thats unusual for any drive to not like verbs DL discs. Are they made in India or Singapore ?, singapore are better, more reliable


    It looks like you have the latest firmware , v1.01 . Had any difficulty writing to single layer dvd or cds with it ?,


    It shows the drive recognises these discs as 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x . are the discs marked as 2.4x on the packaging . It could be the drive "will" write to them at up to 8x , but it doesnt say 2.4x in the list !!.

  10. Is there any specific version I should download from the site?

    mirror 1, mirror 2, ??? I keep doing mirror 7.



    Mirror 7 is the better one out of the list, as its hosted by the site. Thats not to say theres anything wrong with all the other mirror sites who kindly host IB

  11. Latest version of what actually?


    If its ImgBurn then it does not ask for update.

    If its DVDflick it has latest ImgBurn anyway.


    So what do you mean when you say "I have the latest version"??


    ImgBurn on its own does warn of updates if your on an older version.


    DVDFlick has recently updated to include v2.4.2.0 of ImgBurn, so if your on an older version of flick than the current one, so it probably does tell you to update

  12. for legal matters/reasons, we cannot discuss ripping of discs in this forum , anything to do wih burning and Imgburn we will/can help you with though...sorry :thumbup:


    regarding DVD -R discs, once you find a brand that works for you on all your players, try and stick with it. DVD players are still quite selective about which brands of certain formats they will play.

    We suggest Taiyo Yuden discs, which seem to be the most compatable and reliable with the majority of players, i only use the TYG02 8x ones

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