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  1. burn = good disc............maybe


    burn + verify = good disc ...............YES


    if drive opens AND closes after burn , verify will tell you if disc = good or bad .

    if drive no open after burn, then Verify will tell you disc is good anyway, but not tell proper truth :thumbup:


    Nero just tell you it a good burn anyway without checking = waste of time, no good



    Big boss man win me with typing faster :whistling:

  2. you need to post a log file of the burn for us.


    what formats of DVD will your car dvd player play ? does it do -R or +R or both ? refer to the handook for this info.


    Most PC drives will handle both formats these days, so if youve done it properley ( used ImgBurn), then its probably only a matter of you using the wrong format of disc for your car

  3. all these new "sub"notebooks have small processers and small amounts of RAM , where a normal size notebook will happily write at 4x-8x i would guess these new variants of notebook will struggle to sustain 4x .


    Uisng a IDE to USB adaptor is going to be slower than a direct USB 2 connection anyway, possibly why the device buffer is always running so slow.


    Without a log file its just a guessing game , if you go to Main Menu -> Help -> ImgBurn Logs

    you will find all the logs from past burns, so dig one of those out and post it for us to check for you.

  4. I 10:55:09 Writing Layer 0... (LBA: 0 - 1913759)

    W 12:21:06 Failed to Write Sectors 107584 - 107615 - Reason: The semaphore timeout period has expired.

    W 12:21:06 Retrying (1 of 20)...

    I 12:21:56 Writing Sectors...

    Your using a USB external drive then ? The error message your getting is down to the chipset within the external drive .

  5. I made 3 isos of dvds, and for some reason the third one creates an addition .mds file along with the iso.


    1st iso- 1.02GB

    2nd iso- 3.81GB

    3rd iso- 4.50GB


    I'm thinking its because of the file size? But the real question here is should I burn just the iso or the mds?


    As its to large for single layer, IB decided to create an .mds file , which as Loco said unless your burning Dual layer , it doesnt matter. Your ISO IS a dual layer size project, so the .MDS file you have will hold all the info about the layer break :whistling:

  6. go back to Verbatim and heed all the warnings in the forum about ONLY using verbatim for DL .


    verbs with 2.4x ( ONLY) , made in singapore with disc ID of MKM-001


    Your problem is purely down to the low quality of the TDK media

  7. @shadowcaster


    same for you as GregP, can you post a log file for us to work with please




    you was asked to provide a log file , which you said you was unable todo so at the time. However, we didnt have anything to go on as you didnt post the info afterwards either, how can anyone help you if you wont help them to help you ?


    You say your media is "of the highest quality imported from japan because of its reliability, but fails at the same sector each time". This sounds like media being at fault, or maybe the drive has a fault, again without the log file we can only guess.

    Im curious as to what the media is that you use though ?

  8. have you tried cleaning the lense on the burner ?

    Its a straight forward error with the disc not being recognised within the first few sectors of burning.


    Are they Singapore discs or Indian ones ?

    are they a new spindle/batch of discs ?

    Both the above come to mind because the disc ID is MKM-001-00 , note the 00 on the end of mkm-001

    nothing has changed except imgburn...
    - what about sp3 though ?
  9. I'm wondering if it is the new Maxell 16X DVD+R's I just got a "bargin" on... Can anyone help?!


    I 19:05:49 Destination Media Type: DVD+R (Disc ID: CMC MAG-M01-00) (Speeds: 4x, 8x, 12x, 16x)


    and then change to decent media. anything with CMC as the disc ID is poor quality stuff im afraid , hence the recommendations in here to switch to taiyo yuden's ect ect

  10. Edit: Well it's a incompatable medium. any way i could get it compatable? this is my first time burning ever.


    either update the drives firmware, your on 1.0B and there is a 1.0C available ( may be an even newer one as well)




    get some other discs that the writer will recognise.

    failing that there is nothing you can do to the discs you already have

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