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  1. From where you downloaded the files? Is it a legit source? Usualy they come as ISO image you just burn to disc. The ISO is already bootable so you don't need to bother with that thing. Did you followed this guide? http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=11194
  2. That log shows just 19 of 19 tracks. Wher do you see exactly 38 tracks? A screen would be of help here.
  3. You need to convert the file to a standard set of files for DVD Video (VIDEO_TS folder with a bunch of .IFO .BUP .VOB files in it) You can use DVD Flick or DVD Styler for that.
  4. There was no error at burning time yet the disc is unreadble. You can't pretend the program report error if isn't one at that time. The error is at reading time and could have multiple origins. (Dodgy discs, burning speed too high or too low, the player being picky at this things...) Always leave the verify enabled since there isn't other option to know if the process of burning and reading back the disc is without problems (at least in the drive that did the job).
  5. Windows 7 require admin privileges to put files in root of C: The only place you can put files without restriction is your user folders eg. C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME and any subdirs in it. ImgBurn runs at standard user level.
  6. That's not a good sign. Try cleaning the drive with a lens cleaning disc if you have one arround. Try discs from a different spindle to rule out the bad batch. Failing that, get a new drive.
  7. Welcome on the forum Please read and follow the pink bit above and post a log.
  8. Welcome on the forum. Sorry for you. You are the one to loose.
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  10. From the specs of your motherboard you linked If you not connecting any drive to those ports you can skip it and disable the controller in BIOS.
  11. Even some of those drivers from Asus can be outdated. This site will help to find the latest drivers for your configuration. http://www.ma-config.com/en
  12. It's the easiest method with the adapter. It draws enough power from two USB ports, it looks like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dual-USB-2-0-to-SATA-15-7-Pin-Data-and-Power-Cable-Adapter-For-2-5-inch-HDD-SSD-/370674469363 You can make the OS partition larger if you intend to install a lot of programs or large programs (usually video editing programs or any other creative/production programs use a lot of space for the installs). 50 GB is enough for general user. For he rest of the space think about it like a house. You want a kitchen (OS partition) and a big room (Data partition) or you need more smaller rooms for better organization? You decide.
  13. Welcome on the forum. Start with reading the pink bit above and post a log.
  14. Actually that option is on Page 2. You can burn it straight to disc, no need to build ISO.
  15. Is the source you install a legit untouched image or is it tweeked? Make sure you have internet connection. Check system time and date to be correct. Run Windows Defender or MSE and update them. Try again Windows Update.
  16. Try a previously burned disc and a comercial bought disc. Does the drive recognize any media?
  17. Oh, you are talking that you have a laptop? I didn't notice where you specified that. Did you? Yes, I'm talking about desktop computer. The situation changes than. Presuming the HDD have SATA generation connection, you'll need an SATA to USB adaptor to transfer the files from the old to the new drive in the end. Or, ask a friend who own a desktop to connect it internal to the desktop and use the Backup Plus you still have.
  18. Try again with the latest firmware installed. http://www.firmwarehq.com/Lite-On/iHAS424%2BB/files.html
  19. Try update the drivers related to the ports. Maybe try another port or new cable. Try the drive on other computer with the same media. Try different media. Does Lacie have any suggestion on what media to use? They should offer some recommendation on tested media. An internal drive is always better than an external. The externals have their reason but aren't much reliable.
  20. You need an authoring program to combine the movies. You can't just put it toghether and expect it to work. You can try with DVD Flick, DVD Styler or any other similar program. ConvertXtoDVD is another option, payed one though.
  21. As a new member you are not allowed to post in other users threads, yet. You should be able to start your own thread in any section and post in any of them without restrictions. Try burning at different speeds supported by the media. Try different media and try avoid junk media like CMC. Verbatim and Tayio Yuden are recommended. Try cleaning your drive with a cleaning disc. The new version won't correct your problem but you are encouraged to updated since we only can offer support for the latest version. You can post a log for further help. Look in Help menu for old saved logs.
  22. Tools > Settings > Device Tab > Option Section > Eject Tray After...
  23. I meant literally copy OR move. Why bother connecting it as external? Don't you have any internal spare ports on the moterboard? You can have as many drives as many ports you have available. I have 8 (eight) internal drives connected. As I said earlier, with just 4 bad blocks the drive isn't for throw away, you can try reabilitate it and use it as second internal drive for data.
  24. Yes. Dedicated OS partition. So you can get back your files from the old drive simple and easy by copy/move. Follow this procedure: Take out old drive > Install the new drive > Install OS > Reaconnect old drive > Transfer your saved files > Try reabilitete the old drive. If you are installing with both drives connected (whithout format the old OS) chances are you'll get a dual boot or the new Windows will be installed in other partition rather than C:\ (since this is already taken). You'll ruin your install than if you format the old drive. Having a single disc with OS installed, Windows will boot from the first bootable source. You need to set the new drive as First boot priority because if you reconnect the old drive as is (if you not format the old OS partition) you'll have two HDD and two bootable sources, one on each drive. Chances are to boot from the old drive if not correctly set the boot priority. I highly recommend to install the new OS and do all the things you need from the new OS. Consider the old drive the safe place for your files till you get a healthy system.
  25. http://www.iegallery.com/en-us/Addons/Details/813 Click on Add to Internet Explorer Activate both boxes and click Change
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